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FedEx | The world's largest air carrier - startblog

Today, in our eighty-eighth here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) FedEx Express Logo

With the arrival of new technological developments communication is paramount in the lives of people closing the distance between countries. Becomes small when quoting the company FedEx, a look at entrepreneur who brought quickness, speed and versatility in deliveries of mail, documents and objects to the world. Follow our post and learn about the history of the largest air cargo transport company.

FedEx is skilled in your logistics, investing in infrastructure and research. Your name, FedEx was chosen based on patriotic reasons and for bringing coverage throughout the Federation of the States.

Makes the connection between countries through large terminals, making getting the goods there are no airports. The airport in Memphis, United States was chosen for your thirst, due to geographical location and excellent weather conditions and submit designs for your expansion, cashing in 1975, when he grew up. This unit was named as Super Hub, main conductor, performing direct flights by China, Germany, Canada and France. There are six other hubs.

Frederick since your childhood has always been in love with learned to fly aircraft to 15 years. After years, I decided to enlist as a pilot marine of the United States. Used of your experience during the Viet Nam war to understand North American logistics and inspire yourself for your civilian life. Returns and purchase a used aircraft maintenance company.

In 1971, Frederick w. Smith has invested US $95 million founding the Federal Express Corporation to perform the purchase Arkansas Aviation Sales, inspired by the Rock Littte. Initially focused on small deliveries as objects and documents. Answer the 25 cities with the efficiency in less than 12:00 am to arrival of orders. Because your analysis to Boeing, decided to carry out deliveries during the night, having low air traffic. FedEx is the pioneer in using barcodes to industrial level.

Smith invested in advertising for the company and at that time the price of oil was high, starting a debt of US $29 million marked in the early years of the company, losing investors. The decision to fly to Las Vegas and bet your luck in a gaming table, shows a blackjack and makes your night. WINS, negotiates with banks and changes the rules of the game.

Giving a new importance in driving. Focusing on the delivery details of the fact sheets as a destination, arrival, timetables, whereabouts, transportation costs, fuel among others. There are no limits for deliveries, carrying electronic special documents even from blood and organs.

In 1983 reached $1 billion in sales. In 1989 invests in purchase of Flying Tigers using the fleet of Douglas DC-8-63F and Boeing 747-200. Starting operations in Brazil. The Douglas DC-10-30 used for flights to New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Manaus, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.

In 2001 starts flights to Campinas-Memphis time in the growth of Brazil's cargo transport for the United States and competitions. The main ones are Absa, American Airlines, Atlas Air, Avianca Cargo, Delta Airlines among others.

EnTre the 23:00pm to 5:00am the Memphis airport, United States is FedEx. The FedEx logistics system is one of the most complex in the world, moving over 300,000 employees. Currently operating on 370 destinations worldwide, an average of 677 aircraft conducting over 3.5 million packages per day. Transported by mini tractors 1.200 employees and units are shipped in the warehouse of the company.

The company invests in advertising, advertisements highlighting his great virtues like agility, punctuality, safety and speed.

(Video/image/disclosure) youtube: Top 10 Funniest FedEx Commercials Ever

We can stand out among various creative commercials that invests. In particular, "Desert Island" created in 2003 by the Agency BBDO New York, a satire on the movie sinking, press play.

(Video/image/disclosure) youtube: Fedex - Cast Away Commercial

The search is constant for the perfection in packaging and take time to market efficiency. An improvement continues in quality, reaching 100% punctuality in delivery, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Today FedEx is the fastest deliveries in the world. Its turnover is around $ $40 million, is in second in the world's largest fleet of aircraft.

As your slogan says "The World on Time" the world at the time, in your efficiency in deliveries and the ease of sending orders without leaving home for any destination in the world. The story of your career brand with agility.

Visit and connect with the world.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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