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Financial education for kids - Startblog

Today, in our hundredth ninth here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Educação financeira para crianças on Startblog

We know that education is important for the correct actions. Bring a financial awareness to children from an early age, become future high achievers. Follow us with some suggestions.

It is recommended to do a financial education children, early, say economists. The first lessons begin at home by parents like, close the tap when brushing your teeth, save water in the shower, turn off the lights to go out and eat all the food they serve on the plate, without waste. These tips help to transform the luggage of knowledge in financial decisions in the future.

Educação financeira para crianças on Startblog

This reality in the House will reflect on actions with others. Let's quote moments where we need to show the child the true value of the situation at the time. Make sure that transparency is the best way and even though it says error this is the time to advise and give the right direction.

Share with friends is a great tip to create good manners, knowing that financial education begins with all the acts. With snacks, toys, and all materials to be part in your day-day.

Let's give you an example, one day call the child to go to the bakery to get breakfast, coming to the bakery give a cash value, stipulated by you, she can spend, to raise awareness of how much and what she can buy with that amount Breakfast in the morning. This way day post day will begin to value work and expenses. Starting a notion of how much can you spend and what you can buy.

Educação financeira para crianças on Startblog

The kids understand that the card is something connected to the magic that turns dreams into reality, being important to teach that money is palpable, example, if you make a piggy bank, put in transparent glass for the child view that is real. Each day feed the pot, this time joining will teach the value.

For success combines with the children plan to spend the money. So, besides learning to plan strategically, will help in the future. Being important in the day to spend the amount, before you leave home, say the goal of programming and celebrate after, learning also to celebrate victories. The day of shopping is responsibility, give options for choice and decision-making power. In a short time, they of serenity of shopping will turn into joy.

If you give an allowance, how about, make her win this money with any activity such as taking care of the plants, feed the pets, wash the car, mowing the lawn, the important thing is to remember the brothers and friends calling them for help. Explain to him what will become of his burden as toys, candy and other. Give examples and tell stories with examples of how to save, having a frank conversation.

In this way, they will benefit from its activities, giving importance and acting as a team, being friends and sympathetic. Very important to involve children in the daily life of the House and in decisions. Another example is to let the child pick up a product and pay for it, this Act will educate and valuing their shares. The cool to bring financial education to school children is growing every day creativity through the daily situations.

Educação financeira para crianças on Startblog

A child of 4 years, bought a few boxes of chocolate to your grandmother and went to see his father at work. Upon arriving, he opened the box of your chocolate and started eating when a colleague of his father came in and asked for a chocolate for him. He gave 3 chocolates and the boy spoke (in this case was a judge) with so many boxes of chocolate, can't you give me one? He replied, I bought to give to my little voice. And the judge said, but your grandmother's not here, she won't know that you gave me. The child said, but my conscience will. The judge has died down and laughed.

Atoday's children are becoming more and more smart and we have to treat them with respect and truth, without lies and omissions. The best way is to show in attitudes as well as having nature with simple practices in daily life.

To educate is a long process and a lot of love. Plan, track and commit has clear objectives and well-defined, early, be patient.

Until the next post,


Start Tv Company

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