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Generation Z impacts retail - startblog

Today, in the ninety-third post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image / Photo / Publishing) Generation Z - startblog

Technological trends directly influence the consumer's profile. Earlier in the market, specifically retail, there was a way to trace customer tastes and preferences to drive their purchases. Follow us and see the importance of knowing Gen Z to have great results in your business.


Nowadays, with behavioral changes in consumption, there is a longer and less assertive way, since new habits act with speed.

(Image / Photo / Publishing) Generation Z - startblog

The young of the century. XXI are present in the market. One suggestion is to focus on generation Z, they are curious and dictate fashion. Besides the technological interaction is bigger, practically, they do not live without.

Experts foresee by 2020, Generation Z consumers will be 40% of the world's population. That is, they engage much of the market.

Communicate by Whatsapp, Social Platforms, Groups, Podcasts, lives, chats are some examples. This way your brand can travel at almost the speed of light, in this case by bytes.


For business success, know how to value this generation. In addition to the new trends, are launching the new rules of the retail game. Good marketing action is important in figuring out which media and when the business should act. Whether it's campaigns, ads, content marketing, sponsored links, videos or lives. 

We can clearly see digital influencers, bloggers, getting colabs products to take the brand to another level. They are influencers of opinion and with just one comment impact thousands of followers and most often retain them. 

These young people enjoy mobility, easy access to content, being a priority to focus on the mobile consumer profile, create projects adapted to mobile devices, known as mobile-first.

(Image / Photo / Publishing) Inteligencia artificial - drone - startblog

Check out our playlist about Artificial Intelligence and see how big companies are impacting their audience with industry 4.0, we can mention Domino's Pizza that made its first delivery with a Drone.


The new market facilitates the interaction of technology with various sectors. The intelligent are those who seek to learn from the new generation, innovating at every moment.

(Image / Photo / Publishing) Geração Z: e-commerce - startblog

Omnichannel Integrates communication at multiple service points. Big names in e-commerce work in the B2B model with online transactions - others - C2C - Customer to Customer like E-bay and OLX. They transact online with the physical sale. They increase the company's contribution, make it visible to the consumer, market and save stocks. With economy and continuous growth.


Stay on top of news and stand out in business.

Visit the marketplace video here, e-commerce and to browse other themes, subscribe.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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