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Gestural expression - startblog

Today at hundred and sixty-third post here on Starblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Expressão gestual no startblog
Gestural expression on startblog

Body posture, attitude, gestures and movement indicate what we want. The body expressed sitting, standing, if we speak or hear. For clear communication is necessary to be aware of the complete set of all expression types. Join us and see the importance of passing a direct message and receive expressions of others.

The glass conveys the unvarnished truth, he doesn't lie about the personality and desires. The position of the hands, body, a hair, a look, the change of the breath, involuntary movements common can be revealing for the understanding.

Since the ' 90 researchers consider the gestures the window of thought. They say the glass beyond influence, transmit and mitigate can block something to be said with words.

Neuroscientists in New York State that the gestures and words are interpreted simultaneously by the brain. They say the listener catches the body language of the person expressing even if unconscious. We can mention the Italians that aggregate the gestures in communication.

Gestural expression on startblog
Gestural expression on startblog

A mature way the ability of gestures accompanies the words brings attention to people-watch while you think and speak. We can analyze the professional speakers who know exactly how to perform moves postulates. Use gestures dícticos accompanied by words such as "this and" here "and" I "and" you ". Representing "I" usually with an open hand to the chest itself, without the word "I" is pronounced, assuming the person refers to herself.

Iconic gestures express figural representations, references and events. See the importance of the movement to bring a complementary information, representing the expression. We can cite the example of hand wiping the sweat off forehead imagery with the index finger to say as it was exhausting! Or even when you swing your hand as if he were burning and demand cools her with air to transmit a message of a sensitive subject, which nearly went wrong. Using metaphorical movements originated from everyday context, the kitchen.

Facilitating the use to use them without words. Apply gestures and words in a same idea arose in century 80.

Atransformation occurs with great strides and robotics specialists analyze the behavior of humans with robots and to understand the spoken communication is necessary to investigate how the body expresses itself. This way we strive to have a clear view of the non-verbal expression, seeking to bring partners next reality, that seem real to people, as we can see some of them being interviewed by humans.

With advanced artificial intelligence technology becomes close to our reality, visit the playlist to understand more about this subject, here.

In this way, the robots understand instantly the message passed to it, so as to play multimodal or produce phrases and gestures at the same time. Simplifying communication absurdly. Use the abuse of gestures and be prepared to convey a direct message.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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