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GM | Mary Barra is the first woman CEO of a large global automaker - startblog

Today at hundred and fiftieth sixth post here on the Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Executive Director of GM: Mary Bar

There was a major milestone in the history of the United States in the year 2013 to the world, the first woman Chief Executive took over the 51 years, capacity in high places to run the company. Mary brought the Bar your grit and determination for good results in your management. Join us and meet the engineer elected in Forbes ranking of the 35th.

Women represent 37% of the positions and manages. Participation is reduced as the hierarchical level. At the top, in the Executive Committees of major companies, are only 10% in Brazil. According to the research conducted in 2016 by Ethos Institute, executive positions in the 500 largest companies, only 13.6% are occupied by women.

The automakers ' market is predominantly male and have a woman giving the start on a new achievement is important to show the capacity in resourcefulness skills necessary improvements to the automotive industries stand out worldwide.

(Image/photo/disclosure) GM Detroit

The term used in the industry for men that breathes and sleeps thinking about cars is "car guy" are usually common in manufacturers and are trained in engineering, finance or marketing. Being rarer, even at GM have the first American woman engineer in global automaker. Used the expression "car girl" for the CEO, since the days of Henry Ford.

Mary's father worked in assembler in the paint, she grew up during 30 years at GM. acted in high positions in the company as Vice President, global human resources, product development and other. General Motors has able to recover the profit in the United States, however, Volkswagen and Toyota are more profitable. The great challenge of the new CEO is to ensure optimal performance on the market.

Conseguindo o seu espaço dentro da companhia em uma das reuniões, recebeu uma bolsa para os estudos em um programa voltado para executivos de alto potencial. O Instituto General Motors investiu em sua formação, concluindo o curso de engenharia elétrica, em 1990 em Stanford Graduate School of business, um MBA.

Many know the way of thinking of Mary, enterprising Bar who invest in a fine career and like what you do. Focused on the needs of its customers, directing its decisions for better performance and delivery of results.

GM | Mary Barra is the first woman CEO of a large global automaker on startblog

Formed new leaders and eased the bureaucracies in the sector in 90%. In charge of product development has reduced production costs and increased profits, a success.

The company was not in a good moment. In your first year, adding new challenges to your timeline gaining confidence to face one of the largest recalls in history. Were registered by 30 million world of cars involved and had a visit to the United States Senate to discuss the accidents and fatalities due to errors.

With that, met the team and hired experts in engineering, communication, sales, finance and law to find out what really happened and bring new results in your management. Fired executives of high-scale, restructured the internal policy and engineering operations.

In 2016 had a record of 10 million vehicles sold in 40 countries, a contribution of $ $166 billion with 200,000 employees.

GM | Mary Barra is the first woman CEO of a large global automaker on startblog

As an efficient businesswoman, accompanies the innovations and the real-time market, says that previously the search in the foreground was the car manufacturers. Nowadays, more and more the technology becomes a key factor in the automotive market.

And it is important to update the software to capture the largest number of customers. Several changes in your structure with challenges to overcome in the industry. Among other changes like the implementation of a new business model, inspired by the startups. Brought the acceleration of new product development cycles, which take less time rather than years.

With the evolution of 4.0 industry it is important to have a differential offer in the market. Before the car came with Dvd, today thousands of codes inserted into the dashboard. Increasingly buttons and new commands to built-in actions. Soon, everyone will be automated via satellite.

GM | Mary Barra is the first woman CEO of a large global automaker on startblog

One of their goals was to build 500,000 vehicles with some type of electrification, including hybrids until December. The demand for electric cars is great being need be agile and dynamic on the contestants.

A great supportive educational programmes for girls and women as Girls Who Code from Microsoft, in addition to being the Executive mentor, encourages the improvement of internal policies of the company.

To learn more history of great women that start in low positions and reach the top with a lot of guts, a suggestion is the book that highlights their growth in a male environment and in the automotive industry.

The flow of ideas brings better results, so listen and care for employees for the success of the company. Close with your team and have total commitment. Develop a good planning and trust in the decision-making process.

GM | Mary Barra is the first woman CEO of a large global automaker on startblog

Listen to the team, strengthen and take responsibility. Leadership to look beyond and anticipate changes.

In this post we brought you the story of a great entrepreneur. Success is not a determining factor for good strategy, but rather how adapts to understand the needs of their customers.

Get inspired and until the next post CEO,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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