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Green Cleaning Tips - startblog

Today, in our twenty-third post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

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You can make cleaning your home with products economically healthy, follow our tips and innovate with your cleaning.

Grows the people process their look, whether it is sustainable with the environment or economically. With the arrival of the new generation, with an awareness, to daily care to a satisfactory result. That way, we can bring a healthy routine for cleaning our House without harming our hands and our health.

We have markets more and more product options for cleaning such as mobile glass cleaner Polish, soapy, detergent, disinfectant, alcohol and others. Depends on our option, check out some suggestions biodegradable.

With our kitchen ingredients like Apple Cider vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, lemon, warm water, salt and other that we quote below, check it out:

To clean the glass: Dissolve in water a little vinegar, wet cloth, twist the glass and then finish with a piece of paper.

Deodorant: Suggestion make flavours with citrus fruits or put little cups with citronella essence, so will perfume them and surprise to the insects.

Moisten the environment: Boil a liter of water and place in a bowl. Add a few dried Bay leaves.

To wax: Mix the vegetable oil, linseed oil, Apple Cider vinegar and apply with the flannel.

Stove/oven, remove the fats: make a dip with warm water, baking soda, salt and Apple Cider vinegar. Apply with sponge and dry with a dry cloth.

Basic cleaning: hot water with dissolved SOAP is very efficient. Don't forget the gloves to protect your hands.

Clean sweep: Dissolve in a liter of warm water, three tablespoons of soda crackers, one tablespoon of white vinegar (or lemon juice) and ready.

Clean carpets and sofas (upholstered): Dissolve in a basin of water (warm or natural) a portion of Apple Cider vinegar and use a brush. Pass gently and let it dry.

Polish furniture: A cup of vegetable oil and lemon expressed .5 dissolve and apply with a flannel.

Sanitary disinfectant: take one part of vinegar with the sodium bicarbonate and apply, pass the brush and finish with a natural essence of your taste.

Clean silver and gold: apply toothpaste and rub a dry cloth over the area to be cleaned.

Remove stains from clothes, sheets, covers: apply white SOAP, rub with moistening the stained area, let it sit for a few minutes and do the normal wash. The SOAP can be of any brand (Dove, lux is an essential item in the House).

Fabric softener: Finish rinsing with Apple Cider vinegar, put the measure according to your machine, soak and twist. Besides tender protect clothes.

Prevent termites: cut onion rings and leave in place.

Avoid Moths: Use camphor is a less toxic way.

Avoid insects in plants: Line the part of the land of the pots with ground coffee used, already dry.

Cleaning paste: A friend taught me once and share with you: In a lot of water, place the remains of SOAP, 15 ml apple cider vinegar and 30 g sugar. This folder is great.

Ironing: Let's save time, what about shake well the clothes out of the washer and hang on a hanger to dry, will be flawless.

Take smells: A bowl of water with an onion cut into rings. In the fridge can leave a container with water and soda crackers, will eliminate the waste.

These are some options for a good cleaning, check out our post where we give suggestions of other healthy options.

Until the next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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