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Halloween 🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog

Today, in our eightieth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

6.ooo years ago, once upon a time, believe it or not the birthplace of halloween is not a fava and the haunted houses. A holiday celebrated by several countries, being stronger in the United States. Soon after Christmas is in second place about of 6.9 billion people celebrate this date. Join us and get to know some trivia and stories.

The custom of trick-or-treating comes from the middle ages, where the children were asking for the "cake of souls" in Exchange for prayers for the dead of the families of the homes. Halloween is a night for the terror, people avoid cemeteries and all places that the spirits may appear. Prepare your homes with decorations to receive children in costume, for them it is a night of terror with witches, zombies, ghosts, a spectacle of frights and fear.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

Halloween word of Scottish origin, appearing for the first time in the year 1556, 11th century, celebrated the night before all Saints Day. The tradition leads us to the beginning of the 18th century, the Celtic festival, "Samhain" celebrated at the end of the harvest, started the day on October 31.

In Wales, 1 of November and the first day of winter, was called "Calan Gaeaf" the night before and the day before the day "In Galan Gaeaf" night of spirits. Until the 13th century, after Britain became an urban country, customs have declined, remaining in high ghost tales and the Headless Horseman. Many traditions have developed around the festival, the Irish lead to the United States.

Great holiday celebrated in the United States shows the data that Americans eat about 2 pounds of candy on halloween. Favoring the market moves about $7.6 billion, surpassing every year "trick or treat" (trick or treat, in Portuguese) directing the biggest expenses for candy, costumes and decorations.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

Children consume about of 7mil calories in candy, to have an idea in quantity, would be 66 banana consumption to reach this value. They await the day 31 October as the most anticipated date on the calendar as soon as it finishes the night children count how far to get to next year and the candy collected by neighborhood, say the parents, they last up to 4 months after.

Uma férias divertidas que, em algumas cidades dos Estados Unidos, afirma o jogo ficaram séria começando uma lei onde apenas crianças até 12 anos de idade podem tocar os sinos pelas casas na vizinhança.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

Because the famous question "trick or treat also originated in Ireland, Celtic children dressed with fancy clothes and fantasies toward the houses, trick-or-treating in the name of the goddess" Muck Olla, "only in this way was amazing-evil spirits and applying punishments to those who did not.

The first halloween celebrations in Brazil occurred in English schools, nowadays in private parties and concerts. Gradually gain space in the trades and industries. Invest in thematic decorations, candies, mints with flavor and acid that change the color of the tongue, still low value, compared to other countries.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

Some cases and curiosities with facts that maybe you don't know. Everything in this day there is no hidden meanings as the candle gives direction to the spirits, the cauldron, a part essential, with Celtic tradition play pennies in accumulating to be given away at the end. Tickets hanging from the trees to the completion of applications. The bat has clairvoyance, captures the magnetic fields and have your own sensitivity. Spiders bring the message that a loved one is present to look after. The black cat is reputed to bring bad luck, spirit of dead people, linking with the witches.

The reeds of colors are lush, as the traditional Orange, black and purple represent the big party. The Orange back vitality the Celts believe that spirits approach people wearing this color to suck the negative energies. The black predominates symbolically as the color of the bat, witches, priests and mages. The purple symbolizes the magic in every celebration of halloween.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

Account history in Irish folklore that Jack drank excessively, becoming an alcoholic and the Devil came for your soul. Failed in heaven and hell. Being sent to the dark night of Halloween with a coal to light your way with a hottie in a carved turnip the your face to scare away the spirits, known as the legend of Jack O'Lantern. Prepare your pumpkin, traditionally it is customary to place pumpkins with faces in front of houses to ward off the spirits.

There are people with the phobia samhainophobia, means the fear of halloween. I wish that is not one of those people, we're very close, who knows he's ready to go out on the street and fall in the climate of terror.

Halloween🎃 Curiosities, history, legends - startblog post

It is suggested to wear clothes inside out and backwards, says the legend that is one way of looking at witches in this day. Now that you know the history, legends, traditions and with our tips, take the opportunity to check out the various programs to celebrate your night.

Happy Halloween, “trick or treat”.

Until the next post,

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