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Have a Break - startblog

Today at hundred and sixty-fourth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Have a break on startblog
Have a break on startblog

Each person needs to know and feel that can change your life and adapt to your pace. Many question the frantic time in the world that grows every day. Join us and understand how it happens and how to do it differently from now on.

For days, the list of activities to meet is long, even if time stops to put in order the next day again. Unavoidable commitments, technologies to be mastered, team trainings, emails to be sent and answered, schedule updates, books and movies that came out and did not follow, places to visit, friends to be and so how important pass time with you.

For the success of body, mind and productivity is important to the balance. Astrophysicists say the clock remain the same, move at the same pace, and this feeling that time is short and different is the result of modern life.

What modern life brings different? We can say that there is a demand of contemporary society. With the arrival of this new time, new technologies have strengthened this phenomenon. Before what we in weeks with fax submissions and I await answers, with email in a few minutes everything is resolved.

Have a break no startblog
Have a break no startblog

In some cases there is a charging unreal when compared with the machines, and act with the speed of light, to fall to the internet or become slower, we're crazy! Bringing a feeling of angst in some cases. In the same way that the virtual world is constantly updated and bring facilities through new media. Many news and the human being wants to consume, not being able, feels powerless.

This is an illusion, we are able to accomplish everything that is mapped with focus. Whatever the reason for wanting to change, one thing is certain, the path to transformation starts with decision-making, identify as is currently and what needs to be modified.

Rather than focus on what won't have time, take a new attitude and whole the time. Find your balance in the rush of everyday life, trace activities in time available with efficient strategies.

Establish priorities, identify between a necessary, achievable and rewarding activity or a escravizante task that will be unattainable and frustrating.

Be gentle and polite to say no when it seems convenient and when there is a mental block, take a break and have quality.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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