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Healthy soda, flavored water - startblog

Today, in the fifth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

There are those who like to hydrate in the summer. Make your days a different, refreshing and tasty flavor. The story depicts the arrival of the soda in 1676 in Paris, in a company that mixed water, lemon juice and sugar.

In 1886 it arrived the mixture by a pharmacist John Pemberton, with the sparkling water. In research, there is no evidence of the first flavored water made. With that, let's tell you a little about the benefits of this healthy, beautiful and tasty choice to further enjoy your summer with friends.


Low cost, you make the preparation of a differentiated drink to have, serving the most varied palates. You will need water, ice stones, fresh fruits, herbs, fruit peels, condiments and honey if you want to sweeten, don't forget that the amount is important to keep your water in a smooth dosage. It is not a juice, it is an aroma in your water bringing a touch to the taste.


In addition to all these qualities mentioned above, each preparation and blend can be made for benefits such as regulating the intestines, losing weight, increasing collagen, detoxifying, strengthening the immune system, reassuring, bringing energy beyond all hydrating. A simple mixture colors your health.

Check out some preparations in the video below.

To emphasize the benefits of fruits, it is best to prepare and serve. On average the duration is 4 hours in the fridge and may bitter depending on your mix. Put the ice stones, ingredients and ice water last, and can use carbonated water, is a delight.

Garnish with fruit stuck in glasses, colorful umbrellas, use creativity and hydrate this summer.

See you next post,

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Start Tv Company

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