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History and knots tie – startblog

Today, in our forty-fourth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

History & us tie on startblog

The tie is an elegant and cultural attachment, symbolizing the male power. Back several models, fabrics, colors, textures, shapes and to this day symbolizes the respect and formality. Follow our post on the rise and we tie.

(image/reproduction)wikimedia commons French King Louis XIV in 1667 cravate uses

The Romans called them focale, used a tissue in the neck, similar to tie to warm up the neck. Being forgotten by history and being born again, centuries after, in the streets.

(image/reproduction) Wikimedia commons Parisian Dandies of 1830

The term "tie" derives from the French "cravat, means Croatian. In mid-1935, Croatian mercenaries, soldiers used a cloth around the neck, called by them, croat. To get to France with a rustic woven of cotton around his neck sparked an uproar between King Louis XIV and Cardinal Richelieu. Were curious with those soldiers and officers costume with a finer fabric, silk. King Louis XVI, ordered the new costume used by royalty and nobility.

As the French are fashion innovators, adapted this Croatian costume for personal use from day to day, being manufactured in line fabrics and lace, worn with a knot in front and loose ends.

As the French are fashion innovators, adapted this Croatian costume for personal use from day to day, being manufactured in line fabrics and lace, worn with a knot in front and loose ends.

In the 19th century were used by the young butterflies military models. In the 17th century the army represented the nobility with your handkerchief around his neck, used until today to indicate respect and formality.

History & us tie on startblog

It was during the industrial revolution, in the 19 century that originated the narrow and long tie, influencing the current models. Jesse Langsdorf, in 1926 she cut the fabric into three parts, thus rising the modern necktie.

With the changing times, the tie followed the market. Had your altered form as fashions, economics and attitudes of the male universe.

As France has a great influence in fashion, in the Capital of Croatia, Zangreb, you find the real tie, with Italian silk, coming generations, a cultural symbol with the mark of a nation.

(image/photo/reproduction) outfit-ties

Many men who don't know how to tie the knot on your tie, ask to friends and anyone around. Are important for every occasion and outfit.

Follow the node types and enjoy the illustrations to learn giving the node in your tie.

Some tips: to start the technique use a tie; Prefer the finer fabrics for the node to be elegant; Do facing the mirror; Wear a collared shirt and practice.

The simple knot
(image/photo/reproduction) outfit-ties icasei

It's part of everyday life for being a classic node, among others. Simple to make and with a result that matches most of the tie and shirt models. With a great trim in high statures.

The semi Windsor knot
(image/photo/reproduction) outfit-ties icasei

We suggest giving this node in thin ties.

The Windsor knot
(image/photo/reproduction) outfit-ties icasei

English origin, popularized by the Duke of Windsor. Perfect for special occasions to come forward.

Ideal for Italian or Windsor collars. It is complex to do. The important thing is to hide the last button of his shirt and drop between the two parts of the collar.

At the beginning may seem complicated, the practice will master the technique.

Now that you know the history of the tie, give the value in time to make your choice, practice and share with friends. Wait for our video with the models of us.

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