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History of tea - startblog

Today, in our twenty-fifth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Must have accompanying posts about the importance of water in our lives, you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage and was created many years ago as an accident check out our post.

In the year, 2,737 was the Emperor Shen Nung, took to your hot water under the tree, a different color, because some leaves that had fallen into the container. Proved, found different and enjoyable. Started your tests and reports about the flavors and how I felt after taking the tea. During the Tang dynasty became the official drink of China.

Startblog tea history
Startblog tea history

In the 19th century. IX some Buddhist monks visit and lead to Japan some of the seeds for the study, being accepted by society, starting the cultivation. Even in Japan, after tea having conquered the entire country to build specific places for the geishas to learn the art of tea, with the step by step, the practice to perfection in each unique flavor.

With the passage of time, in 1560 the tea travels the world. Portugal was the first European country to introduce the practice of tea, arrived by ships coming from the East. In the 17th century the first importation of tea brought from China by the Dutch. Catherine of Braganza, Princess of Portugal in 1962, married King Charles II introduced the tea for them, in 1992 England performs your first order.

Startblog tea history
Startblog tea history

In the 19th century. The 19th Duchess of Belford in London declares the afternoon tea "five o'clock tea" the habit of drinking tea, the 5 P.M.. The Duchess spent a lot of time alone and with this habit, could receive people in Windsor Castle and display your best silverware and porcelain.

The tradition spread, the English continue and several lounges, for Europe, for the five o'clock tea, were created. Getting well known in England and to this day, is considering the fans and the curious, a big cultural tour.

Startblog tea history
Startblog tea history
In The 19th Century. XX the United States, innovates with the tea bags, the British adhere, in 1970.

In each tradition a way and times of tea, some people prefer the morning, to raise the alert status, others at night to sleep, those who prefer to serve with hot water, hot milk and sugar other cultures serves ice cream. The important thing is to be open to the flavors of different cultures around the world. Respect and interest for history.

Startblog tea history
Startblog tea history

Tea is a beneficial health drink each plant with your way of cultivation, weather, bring in their leaves, roots, flowers and seeds to your particular property. Have teas are grown at altitudes above 700 meters. The existing substances in tea, are differentiated due to quantity in each preparation. Studies show that the practice of drinking tea helps in relaxation, stress, immune system, increases metabolism, stimulating, clean the body, blood and even to warm up the body in cold days.

Remember, drink in moderation, all in balance, the excess is not good for the body. Have the habit of drinking tea, enjoying the aroma and flavor, invite your friends and serve a five o'clock tea.

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Startblog tea history
Startblog tea history

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