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How about changing your mindset with a few triggers? - startblog

Lately we've heard a lot of new terms coming up, but changing mindset, nothing more is than changing paradigms. This term Mindset came up with psychology professor Peter Gollwitzer in New York. He studied goals and planning that emotionally affected people's behavior.

Change Mindset? Post on Startblog

Mindset is the combination of the terms Mind (mind) and Set (configuration).

And its principle is simple: thought generates feeling, feeling generates an action, and action produces a result!

But, after all, why should we change Mindset?

Change Mindset? Post on Startblog

Believe me, everything you mind, subconsciously you order to your brain. But our brain also tries to protect us from everything that is not common to him, that is, the unknown. For this reason, whenever we find obstacles on the way, our mind sends us the message of defense:

"Give up this project...", "it's not going to work...", "do you really think it's possible to make that money?...", "you really think you'll be able to lose weight?..."

So, if you're not with your Mindset prepared to win and endure all challenges, you'll end up giving up if your conviction isn't strong.

Some authors advocate using 3 steps to accomplish this change of Mindset. Step 1, is to identify what story of your life is told by yourself and others: overcoming or defeat?

Change Mindset? Post on Startblog

Have you ever heard that a story told several times becomes a paradigm in your mind? Yes, to keep repeating that you are a loser, or that you will not achieve such a thing, that is what your subconscious will believe. And possibly possibilities and opportunities may be around you, but as a window with curtains you won't be able to see out.

The secret of change lies in self-suggestion. Suggesting to your mind your desires and goals.

Annotating on a paper can help in this task, report your story by seeing from the bright side of everything!

To contribute to this activity, think about how you want to be remembered in a few years? Or what would you like to talk about you?

How about changing your mindset with a few triggers? - startblog

By changing your mental history, you change the way you visualize life!

Step 2 is to draw a logical sequence of actions that will produce new results. Remembering that same actions always generate the same results, don't they? So, if you are not reaping the result you want is because you are not applying the correct strategy. Come on, let's go!

People with a fixed and negative mindset will always be stuck and stagnant negative situations simply because they are not open to learning a new strategy, which will eventually produce a new result.

Now step 3 has become easier, but it is the most important: physiological breakdown.

If you've taken care of your inner vision and the outside action, we're close!

How about changing your mindset with a few triggers? - startblog

Just now control the inner voice that tries we protect from the unknown and ends up paralyzing us before the new one. Start daily exercise as a self-discipline, thus changing from the inside out.

Once he understood and established the first and second step, the 3rd consists of working repeatedly fixing this in his mind.

Therefore, Mindset's change is important to free us from entrenched thoughts, whether culturally or for lack of self-esteem.

Evolve always!

Start Tv Company is with you on this, tell us what you think and what your difficulties are!

Leave your comment,

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