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How to build a domestic composters -startblog

In our sixth post here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company Company, from the inside out.

How to build a domestic composters - startblog

Many years ago we already know of the care that we have to have with the Planet and the next, where we must be aware of our actions in our daily life, with neighbors, relatives, friends and family and bringing This awareness of daily care. Let's start in the House, turning organic waste in hummus.

We will teach how to build a home composters, to aid in the flow of garbage, being a problem for the country level of pollution to the water, air and soils.

Most can be adapted for House, apartment, large or small a option to reuse leftover food and organic waste from your home. Bringing the benefits of feeding your vegetable garden, with a 100% healthy land with worms and nutrients. Check out the other post, where we build a garden of spices to apartment.

How to build a domestic composters - startblog

This is a suggestion to fit from a small apartment in the medium. With an awareness of reuse, without the need to buy the material for construction. If you have something you can use.

Let's go to the materials: 3 plastic buckets of paint or margarine with 15litros lid (can use other measures), Earth or mulch, 20 worms whatsoever, a garden shovel or wooden spoon, a tool to make holes, sawdust and dried leaves in a jar for storage have beside the composters and reset every day after use.

How to build:

The holes that will be made in some of the buckets, as instructed, will be below to the output of leachate. I explain below, a little more about the process of decomposition and the meaning of leachate.

Bucket 3: With a tool, cut the circle that surrounds the CAP, leaving the edges. Give a distance of a finger from the bottom to the top of the bucket and drill a hole to install the faucet and set aside.

Bucket 2: make the same procedure on the lid with the bucket 3. With a tool, cut the circle that surrounds the CAP, leaving the edges and back of holes in the bottom, involving the outside circle. Fitting above the bucket 3 and set aside.

Bucket 1: make a holes in the bottom, involving the circle out, leave the lid of the way it is, with no holes.

Bucket 1 and 2: buckets for composting. With a tool, make a small holes for breathing, in the air (small not to enter bugs).

How to build a domestic composters - startblog
Bucket 3: no holes on the side.

Supported on a bench, shelf, sink, put the mobile 3 empty bucket. With ease to open the tap. Place the bucket and 2 in place composting, a good land. The above 2 1 bucket, put some compost, like 5 fingers high. A good land with some earthworms, some 20 at least, they passed into the bucket 2, reproducing and helping in the decomposition of food are placed.

How to build a domestic composters - startblog

In 1 bucket, with the little quantity of compost and earthworms, you will put the food scraps as peel of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, the coffee grounds.

The dried leaves and sawdust (without chemical treatment will in woodwork) they will help in decomposition and eliminate the insects. Ants is normal, always look well and check out to keep open and in mosquitoes and insects. The order is a layer of food remains one of dried leaves or sawdust. You can add the ground coffee once in a while.

Will fill depending on how many people live in the House, the power flow. Usually she will fill 20 days to 1 month. When is almost complete, the decomposition will be ready.

Use this land for the home, Garden pots, doled out to your garden building and share it with your neighbors. Leave a 5 fingers in height of this land to let in the bucket and switch it with the bucket 2. Starting the same process with the bucket 1. Repeat the cycle and will alternate the buckets. The slurry that join in the bucket 3, where she graduated due to the process, is a great fertilizer for the land, and can irrigate them.

Important to remember not to put scraps of meat, chicken and avoid foods with chemical seasonings and Fast Food. Having a composters at home, you can save up to 70% of the waste produced at home. In another post, we'll talk about the recycling of organic and not garbage as you can reuse and enjoy a productive and creative way.

For those who don't want to build your own composters, indicate the address of the forest, check out the composters that they produce. Is this tip for those who want to take advantage of the idea to reduce waste, reuse and the benefits for your garden and your House vessels.

Take this idea for their homes, their communities, schools, day care centers, parks and all the places that have food.

For today, we're done here and then come back with more sustainable tips.

Until the next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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