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How to optimize commuting time with shared bikes - startblog

Bicycles per APP, are they for me?

How to optimize commuting time with shared bikes - startblog

We arrived in 2020, in the middle of January and still needing solutions to get us around. How about the use of the bike as a means of transport? Even for those who do not have one, there are companies that have thought about it and give us the solution, they are scattered throughout the city to serve us. I'm sure you've seen them around!

Some companies offer these bikes free of charge to their customers for an hour.

But in the vast majority of this service, there is a small fee for time to be charged as per use. To use them, simply download the app on your mobile phone for free and register a credit card. There are also options, in some cities, to make payment with the single ticket of public transport.

On days when mobility is essential for everything, and places to store this means of transport is getting smaller, as in the new apartment concepts, this type of solution falls very well.

The bikes serve us in a lot of ways: to go from one place to the next faster; or go to work without traffic; or even for a simple walk through the city parks.

How to optimize commuting time with shared bikes - startblog

But have you ever thought about using them to undertake?

How to optimize commuting time with shared bikes - startblog

That's right, with the economy inside out and more unemployment, a good solution is to deliver with them. We receive many cases with women who make sweets, cakes, marmites, handmade products such as embroidery and soaps, which increased their sales by making deliveries through the neighborhood itself.

With this have you thought about using them not only for tours and exercises, but to make money?

Leave at the beginning of the year and put into practice that plan to undertake with low cost?

Tell us your plans to undertake in 2020. If you want a little help, we have a lot of e-books with amazing ideas to start a business.

Visit starttvcompany.com tell us what you think, leave your comment below, short and sign up for the channel.

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