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How to prepare peanut sachets - startblog

Today, in the seventy-eighty-eighth post here on Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

How to prepare sachês on Startblog

In the countries of Europe is a traditional costume, and known to smell bags. Known as sachets with herbs, flowers or seeds. Join us and see how easy it is to prepare and bring a sophisticated air to the environment.

A habit coming of Scandinavian countries and Anglo-Saxons. Usually results in a mixture of parts of flowers or petals, along with fasteners of odors and preservatives. In ancient times prepared to ward off bad odors, currently in addition to bringing a pleasant aroma, give a special touch and welcome our guests. Nothing better than coming to an environment and surprises with an aroma that embraces and enables good memories.

Before starting the tips, remember the importance of the mixture be stored in well sealed jars and be open at times to perfume the place. The spices such as clove, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg are great to intensify the flavors.

Scented sachets on Startblog

There are petals that accentuate the aroma environment in case of roses, lavender or lavender, jasmine and Magnolia trees. And can be used as a second option petals of Chamomile and harpsichord.

The special touch and scent mixing is achieved by aggregating small amounts of species rich in essential oils such as geranium, pine, bay leaf and basil. In the case of essential oils are responsible for prolonging the aroma coming from the mix, in addition to in every drop is the original flower nectar, so only a few drops of essence chosen is sufficient to secure the fragrance.

Essential oils are responsible for prolonging the aroma

Normally, we use dried roots of the Florentine Lily, violet oil, sandalwood oil or powder composition. Act contributing to the integration of all components and different fragrances and favors a slower evaporating the mixture.

The mix can choose glass canisters, deep bowls, vases with wide mouths, dish or jar and exposed to the outdoors, bringing a colorful touch, smell good and healthy to your home. Another alternative is to prepare cloth bags in tulle are the most suitable to scent your underwear drawer, cabinets, preventing moths, bad odors or even give a special touch.

How to prepare scented sachets on Startblog

See a recipe with dry mixes to prepare beautiful sachets. Subscribe to the channel and stay on top of all the news, come on;


450 grams of rose petals

100 grams of geranium leaves or pine

100 grams of fresh Jasmine ripped

100 grams of chopped Lavender flowers or lavender

1 teaspoon of powder of the roots of Lily

1 teaspoon clove scent

½ teaspoon dried orange peel and grated

1 teaspoon grated lemon peel and dry

2 drops of jasmine oil

5 drops of rose oil

Mix with your hands all the dry ingredients that have been through a drying process and at the end add the drops of essential oils, drop by drop.

Replace according to your preference and occasion and make sure that with these tips will have a fragrant and pleasant environment for entertaining friends and family with class.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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