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How to split time with technological evolution - startblog

Today, in our sixth post here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

How to split time with technological developments on startblog
How to split time with technological developments on startblog

Formerly the communication was made by letters, known as pigeon, where they could take days, months and even years to get a message, which at that time was of the utmost importance.

In the records of history, in the 19th century, around 1875, the phone was invented by Antonio Meucci, an Italian, where there was a need to communicate with his wife, who was sick. Decided in 2002, by the Congress of the United States, with the death of Meucci in the middle of the trial process of the patent, was transferred to Alexander Graham Bel, Scottish, being considered by the inventor records. He had a history in your family of many inventions and created a language to communicate with the deaf and dumb. Coming to Brazil in mid-1877, there's controversy, they say it was in 1887 coming to Rio de Janeiro.

In the beginning were the black models, where took the hook and holding the same support for talking and listening, other models needed to wind in your sidebar, there was the bulging disks to perform the call. For years, after your release, there were few homes and is considered a luxury object, due to the high value of the device and of the calls.

Already in mid-1965, there are those who remember the differentiated color phones, the body slimmer and with keys in discs with their numbers, where each dialed waiting for an eternity until you end the call completes.

In the passing years, the telephony market, the values of the bindings which at that time were tall, have been given values reduced nocturnal hours. With that, we could speak of fixed to fixed, for a long time, saving the distance between neighborhoods and cities, helping in communication between family and friends, having a reduced cost at specific times.

With the modernization, the cordless phones, cell phones of brick, in the year 1983,being the first to be sold in Brazil. And each year, the evolution came with other models, color, high resolution screen, sms has emerged in order to stop talking so much on the phone, reducing the time for message sent with few characters. Getting innovative developments very quickly.

Where at that time, those who would like to communicate and stay on the phone and these days, are becoming more frequent for technology and communication on mobile phones, video games, ipad. Can be from the simple to the sophisticated, today there is a broad market, for all tastes and pockets.

How to split time with technological developments on startblog
How to split time with technological developments on startblog

With all this change, since the time of the sms, in 2009 the whatsapp come innovate with your way to pass beyond the text, record audio to send, the emojis, flying and various symbols to convey through images, faces the language of Internet users. Turning to faster communication. Having many that communicate by whats to precisely cutting time. An example having to remember a list of market you forgot at home and within a few seconds, she typed by someone who stayed home.

Facilitating the lives of many people and making time your ally, and today we have to update all the time, to grow together.

In addition to your communication of various forms of voice, audio, icons, many images, still today, are worth many words. Making technology our friend and ally.

People's behavior turns and evolves as time goes on, in a profile of people who join a language it's virtual, direct language how to make free calls within a few apps, offered in stores. Some use of apps and your way of communication.

Others prefer to browse through different media to communicate with the world, while living to your routine, travels through various places and their traditions without leaving home, only accessing the Instagram.

Even those who prefer to live in the present and use of an act of communication now, using apps that write your speech, image, and video and turn off after some period, being transmitted at the present time, for those who like to live on and not keep the phone transmits to friends and followers and keep after this period, in his memoirs.

And we know that for any profile for market and all the media available, there are competitors, even, for the innovation has to be competitors. The market is unlimited in your evolution.

Start Tv Company Startblog post
Start Tv Company Startblog post

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