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Hydroponics | Alternative for growing without Earth - startblog

Today in hundredth and sixtieth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Hydroponics | Alternative for growing without Earth on startblog

There is a conceptual term within the agriculture, known as "closed systems", closed system, hydroponics is one of the applications of this concept, used in the last decades in developed countries and several research centers around the world. Join us and learn how to grow plants and food without the use of the land.

Coming from the Greek language, hydro water and ponos "" "work," that is, "working with water", so the cultivation without the use of the ground by the replacement by solutions composed of water and minerals.

The procedures vary according to the time available and journal space reserved for this activity, type of product, quantity expected, among others, everything will be in accordance with the needs and existing conditions.

Hydroponics | Alternative for growing without Earth on startblog

Many changes can occur in a variety of methods like in container used, beads and support structure for plants and foods. The beads are the role of Earth and dung, bring the support of roots and a part of mineral salts, providing the nutrients. Light, water and air are supplied by nature and the heat from solar or artificial source.

Although many scholars of Agronomy says that is an artificial form of cultivation, the hydroponics is a way in practice in contact with nature. Even if you are in your Prime in the 21st century, according to records in history, there were ancient settlements, such as those from Jordan that were already using this cultivation, the Sumerians watered crops plantations, making wells pass water through the sand, even the famous gardens suspended from Babylon, considered one of the seven wonders of the world. That is, is not a new technique and is being popularized in recent years.

According to research human needs in areas where there is a difficulty and soil climate, featured scholars Dr. William f. Gericke of California, USA brought a new vision to the practice of farming without land, before banned in laboratories. So favoring many regions and people of these places with difficulty in finding good soil for planting.

Hydroponics | Alternative for growing without Earth on startblog

Method acceded by military bases during World War II during periods of conflict, many vegetables were produced by hydroponics. Even in India was attached by the Government to develop a simple and cheap method, it worked and was expanded to other countries.

There are advantages in this type of cultivation, to produce clean foods brings to everyday consumers, convenience; by being free of pesticides, are healthy for presenting best quality; adapts to any difficulty of soil and climate; fast in your growth with year-round production, low cost, absence of odors and dirt and not to mention that promotes work and saving space, eliminating tasks such as dream, mucking and covear.

Hydroponics | Alternative for growing without Earth on startblog

No doubt is a great alternative to mount your own garden or by consumption these foods. Evaluate your purpose and know that even in this practice it takes discipline, hygiene and care. It is considered an art available to a harmony in the cultivation and proper organization.

Anyone who likes to grow plants and foods, be dedicated and have desire to learn can start. Get the best for your need.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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