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Today at hundred seventy-fifth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The man introduces technological innovations contained in the digital age. In the years 90 already spoke of smart cities. A project that was on paper and over the years, became themselves respected. Currently active in many countries all over the world and Governments. Join us and see what it means and how does Smart citie.

Much is said in the internet of things, smart machines, domesticated robots, sensors, drones couriers, cloud storage, data processing, applications that facilitate the lives of the people. These are some features that will be required to raise the level of the urban centres.

The planet is in processing, the Arctic are moving and the animals feel the changes due to climate resilience. With this, humanity rethinks in new sustainable habits. The smart cities are increasingly active and bring vision and effective improvements to all.

Since common spaces, going beyond the surface. Emphasize not only infrastructure and/or design as too-the economy, directly reflects population, public safety, transportation and the environment. Integrate planning, leadership and transparency.

We can mention gardens in shared locations, vertical gardens in buildings in the middle of town, large terraces organic shopping malls. Domestic tanks, composters, reuse of rainwater to water plants and maintain the green spaces of the cities.

Capture system of sunlight to energy and water heating applications such as; the waze that facilitates the movement of hundreds of thousands of users in real time, better transit and alternative paths.

The Smart Citeis comes aggregate solutions to urban centers, along among so many technologies. Are designed to enrich the quality of life and place. All with sustainable, profitable and smart goal.

As evaluations of Urban Systems and rankearam the more developed partners in the general categories, urbanization, energy, the environment and integrated mobility.

Standing out Rio de janeiro, RJ in the categories; technology, economics and innovation. Mobility is the State capital, Porto Alegre, RS. In urbanism Maringá, PR as well as Curitiba who invested in special traffic lights for elderly and disabled with magnetic card, with emphasis on mobility and urbanism. Minas Gerais, BH for the environment. And the winner in energy was Pirassununga, SP. Buenos Aires raised the quality of urban mobility and reduction of gases emitted to the environment. Technology through applications reporting problems in urban structure.

Include in the smart cities hydraulic networks monitored by remote stations, underground sensors for traffic control, reset required and micropurificação systems for maximum use of the water.

New York stands out, about two years ago, after disabling the phone booths, partners provided internet access to residents in an online platform containing information of attractions, news and entertainment site.

With presence sensors in schools, there is carbon gas emission reduction, saving millions a year. Flash traffic monitoring system, bringing real-time statistics. Vacuum waste, in Europe, are part of a reality already consolidated – pneumatic collection-eliminates manual labor, helps to reduce odors, carbon gas emissions and fuel consumption of the collection trucks. Going on an organization, user comfort, progress in urban transit and infrastructure.

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands there is a platform of support and encouragement to institutions, businesses and citizens to develop green projects, for improvements in the quality of life of all inhabitants. -app Appening Amsterdam (fun night) Drive Carefully (alerts to drivers to get close to schools).

In Tokyo, several companies are responsible for widespread use revolutionary technology to the city, we can mention the Panasonic that repurposed an old factory for constriction of autonomous houses, systems that indicate the best time to do the laundry, based on the weather forecast. The Olympic village will be stocked with sustainable energy project for the 2020 Olympics.

The big challenge right now is to make the concept a reality, and find ways to adapt public budgets the smart projects in urban planning.

Hundreds of startups in Copenhagen in Denmark direct your market to facilitate communication between the public sector, industries and universities. Becoming a real-time study of new smart technologies on the challenges of climate change and urbanization.

The city of Curitiba has transformed the old public transport in mobile schools and applications to facilitate urban mobility. Created a system of exchange of recycled by vegetables and fresh fruits. At the same time, did not have technological innovations in the development of city aggregate, resulting in traffic, energy, water and others.

To be listed as Smart Citeis, technology has to be combined with infrastructure developments to occur in urban centres. Introduce efficient resolutions and agile, facilitating the life of the inhabitants.

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Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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