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Impact of stress on your health - startblog

Today, in our twentieth second second here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

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It was known in the early days, where the men went out to hunt, slept little, to keep in mind with their prey, fighting for survival every day. Over time, the men on the battlefield, had the same focus, survival. Since then until today to frame the society lives looking forward in a hurry.

With the lack of planning, people can turn into a ball of snow, many responsibilities, roles, commitments that we need to deploy to perform and often, at the same time. Outside the stress of traffic to move in big cities, violence, prejudice, lack of civility, solidarity, kindness and several types of human beings that we deal in our daily lives, bringing This feeling.

The number of the population today that had or have in your history, the stress is great. And as the rates of the Ministry of health, companies boast large numbers of medical clearances, with these diseases, and work-related stress.

Stress or stress, Brazilian and European Portuguese is the advanced level of a Somatization the mental and physical level. Where some people, identify early on and others realize when someone blows, column lock, feel headaches in a row, the view blurs with sparkles, has glimpses of momentary amnesia and anxiety.

This term was used the first time stresses in 1976, by Selye as neutrality. The ability of human beings to deal with the situation and exhaustion, where he struggles more with the requirements than with the power to make them.

Although the term "distresse" be used, the stress already connotes negative air, having physical and emotional wear and tear, and need to put this kind of attention to the symptoms and get immediate relief.

With the lifestyle change exposure in different environments, can lead the person to feel distress, leading to depression. Often, bringing, cardiovascular problems, supported by doctors, due to the high level of stress.

People settle in live with symptoms, making part of the picture of them as, gastritis nervous, low immunity, anxiety, depression, instead of seeking ways to reduce the time to resolution of each task, with timelines, for example, and have some time to rest or get positive qualities, which bring well-being.

That way, we can avoid arriving in this State; hiking, plan to ease in time to perform and delegate tasks, get a good night's sleep, eat well, take the time you meditate or empty for a moment your mind and remember that no one can perform tasks alone, seek and form a team, have support and count on at all times.

Is a nice person, positive, supportive, tolerant, kind, is present in the conversation, listen, say no, be direct and speak of their emotions, so relax, meditate and go out with friends.

Remember that even living in the middle of the city, be present, be quiet and pay attention to your breathing and everything that goes around, don't close on their thoughts and difficulties, if open to life and be happy.

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Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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