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Importance of stipulating goals - startblog

Today, in our ninety second here at Starblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

We're almost at the end of the year, people feel a great need to stipulate targets this time of year, after all without a clear goal you don't get anywhere. Join us and see how to achieve each goal.

When performing a retrospective of the year, appear certain projects stopped, those who have not had a course due to lack of clarity and purpose in the next year a new list drawn. It becomes a vicious cycle, and delusional that next year will be fulfilled. It happens due to the difficulty of having a focus and goal are sometimes drawn larger goals in relation to the runtime or to establish goals without the walkthrough.

The goals guide the actions, are like the sails of a boat, will give the direction of the winds, without it, the boat is adrift, being controlled by the winds.

Nowadays, much is said of professional success, having a goal, we cite the example "next year, I want the business expansion" improves the billing, forgetting to draw specific values, whatever, that is, the billing company R$ 10,000 .00 to be all right. See the value in tracing the end goal, be steps ahead, bringing solutions to each task performed.

Without doubt, being relevant to your business, it's for you. It is therefore important to define the goals to achieve focus with efficiency. That is, do not accept any results, do an analysis of the short-and long-term project.

The tasks are important to reach the goal. It will be important to scratch the execution of each one of them to be completed, however, fulfill the goals set will need a lot of dedication and daily commitment.

Both in personal life as a business, we need to set goals and objectives to reach, so let's show the SMART model, simple and efficient, used between entrepreneurs to recognize each step.

SMART Model:(S) specific, (M) mensurable, (A) attainable, (R) relevant, (T) time-related.

Assuming that the enterprise has received a recent supply and wants to increase the revenue of 2018 in 40%.

Is specific? Yes, increasing revenues in 40%.
Is measurable? Yes, accompanies the growth of revenue daily.
Is attainable? Yes, path planning, performs applying strategies.
Is time-related? Yes, distribution of tasks for the team to perform.

Be specific, set as will invest to realize your project, be realistic in your goals, relevant to achieve it and determine to make deadline. Definitely feel accomplished to look back and see that reached far beyond the established. Cross that line and give the best of themselves in every action carried out.

Walk with sure will come to success. When doing the questioning, soon become automatic and will dominate without needing a paper to follow.

Find the motivation to follow the goal until the end, be sure of the real reasons.

Have control of the situation and take the boat sails.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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