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Importance of technical expressions - startblog

Today at hundred and eighty ninth post here on startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Importância das expressões técnicas no startblog

Current market transformations are effective. To stand out in all areas, it will be important to acquire knowledge in various areas, establish confidence for assertiveness in actions.

The marketplace gives importance to people with knowledge and experience to meet the new scenario in modern companies. Follow us and see the importance of entrepreneurial vocabulary to take your communication to the next level.

One of the posts already mentioned here on Startblog was about the importance of NLP - neurolinguistic programming read or watch explore more professional terms with corporate acronyms.

Brand equity

Value that the brand adds to the product or service. There is a difference in consumer behavior regarding the brand. Example - craving for a Coke - involves the consumer in the relationship of thinking, feeling and acting. Check out the CEO story of this great brand we honor on Startblog.


Importance of technical expressions in startblog

Transactions with other companies – Business to Business. In this business model, there is no involvement of end user, the consumer.


Direct transaction with the user-Business to Consumer. In this business model the target audience is the final consumer.

Break-even point (BEP)

When the investment is paid (costs and revenues of the company). The meaning of the term break-even point is "equilibrium point" no loss-no gain, zero point.


The word "budget" has English origin and means "budget" pronounced bâdget. Process of financial budget presented in worksheets in Excel, performed by companies annually. Containing variables being accountable for costs, expenses and revenues.

BSC - Balanced scorecard

Strategic method to manage and measure performance. The Portuguese translation of the term-Balanced Performance Indicators, established in mid-1998 by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

Business Intelligence

Facilitates decision making assertions to the entrepreneur and businesses based on information collected by the intelligence system. The BI term refers to Business Intelligence or business through all stages of the process, collection, organization, analysis, dissemination and follow-up of important information to run a business.


Importance of technical expressions in startblog

Cost of customer acquisition. Corresponds to the Taxpayer Service Center. In this case, and-CCS online portal connects consumers with the RFB-internal revenue service of Brazil. To view you must have digital document, e-CNPJ or CPF.


The Business Model Canvas, very business model used by the entrepreneur. Includes various steps to be structured and managed strategically. This framework consists of play through nine targets pre-defined steps.


English-Capital Expenditure-investment in capital goods to increase the scope of the company, the investment cash flow.

Working capital

Financial resource used to cover daily costs of the company – amount intended to meet the expenditure and receipt of revenue from customers.


Act of raising money to invest at the beginning of your business, raise or expand. Through strategies in crowdfunding, Angels and other investors.


Importance of technical expressions in startblog

Act of raising money to invest at the beginning of your business, raise or expand. Through strategies in crowdfunding, Angels and other investors.


Cost of goods sold. Everything is computed for the control of production expenses, elaboration, inventory until the output of the product.


English origin meaning "merchandise" in Portuguese "Commodity". Products in your primary forms-raw-stored for long periods without any loss in revenue. There is quality control, production to large scale with international participation by supply and demand. We quote coffee, soybeans, wheat, gold, sugar etc.


Similar to an action taken to obtain crowdfunding capital through collective financing in online collaborative platforms. The crowdsourcing – English term merging of two words-crowd "crowd sourcing" "supply" through a collaborative work to realize the goal, whether in technology, etc. Example; A record company invites musicians for a new teaser. Five will be selected and the first place will receive 1 year of custom support contract with the label.

Customer Development

Business method used in the early stages of startup to test the processes before the validation of the market.

Cloud Computing

English origin for "cloud computing". Convenience of access and data storage on the server online. Save in the cloud is to be carefree in overloading the available space in the processor.


The acronym represents national register of the legal entity. Registration of the legal entity in Brazilian internal revenue service before starting its activities.


National classification of economic activities – CNAE-code created to standardize economic activities, carried out between various activities by the tributaries of Brazil. The company must have to start its activities within the law.


Corresponds to customer relationship management-Customer Relationship Management. After a reading of makes management profile between the groups to direct them and raise the result.

Five S (5s)

Name given to five Japanese words beginning with the letter S-are they; Seiri – Seiton-Seiso-Seiketsu and Shitsuke. Sense of Administration applied at the beginning of processes to promote improvement in the activities within an organization.

Continuous Improvement

Constant evolution in product, process, people. Elimination of any problem presented during the process. Presents an improvement every time better.

Core Business

Importance of technical expressions in startblog

Main activity of the company. Sample sale by affiliation, marketplace. Definition of the strategic point in making decisions for the best result.


"Electronic invoice", digital version of the invoice, issued and stored electronically, which documents the movement of goods.


"Consumer Electronic Invoice", replaces the Tax Coupon and facilitates transactions in retail.

QR Code

The term Quick Response Code-barcode, digital-two-dimensional. Is scan it through a camera of your smartphone, redirecting automatically to registered action reading the code, read page-QR Code – quick response code.

Deal Breaker

Every action leads to a reaction. An act outside the context stops a negotiated sale of the company. Right now there is a breach of contract. Those responsible are Deal Breakers.

Design Thinking

Junction of creative ideas and analysis, collaborative solutions and business innovations. We can say, the real needs of stakeholders-interested party aimed at improvements for all parties involved.

Drag along

The contract clause which directs the sale of shares of the minority shareholders to the majority, if there is intent to participate. In the case of Tag along – protection of minority shareholders in the case, unknown investors take a company, which before were not.

Due Diligence

Delicate process and performed by auditors to inspect the authentic operating on startup. Where are evaluated for settlement processes in each sector.


Especialistas dizem que esta técnica surgiu nos Estados Unidos em meados de 1970. Intuito de analisar as concorrentes do mercado. Significado da palavra “achatamento” – reduzir – encolher – cortar – diminuir - eliminando processos de custos, pessoas e tempo. Elevando a produtividade e aumento dos lucros.


Clause that guarantees the entrepreneur in the case of sale or purchase of your business or merger and acquisition, in addition to the start, through the earnout, receive a portion of the value in parcels, referring to future financial performance, after the acquisition.

Early stage

Startups that are in early stages – early stage. It is considered until three years in operation, after will be growth-growth stage.


Importance of technical expressions in startblog

The acronym means – "Earnings, Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization" earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

To get the value of the company's Ebitda, added to the operating profit, depreciation and amortization, which comprise the costs and expenses.


When a person does the right thing. The effectiveness is when the objective and results are achieved. "do the right thing".


Ability to be effective and productive. Using available resources, avoiding waste and errors. The Act of "doing right things".


Importance of technical expressions in startblog

Through the internal marketing in the organization encourages employees to stay motivated and informed, creating an interaction with the company. Promote events, activities and training for the growth of its employees.


Organizations that it empowers its leaders, giving them autonomy in decision-making. Trust the knowledge and increase the responsibilities raising the level of results, on the desktop.


Entrepreneur assertive, motivated, creative, bold establishing goals. The Intrapreneurship comes from the term "entrepreneur" entrepreneur who gives your best inside, acts as a leader able to raise the contribution of the company in which you work, even if indirectly-within the limits of the organization.


Equity (private) invested in companies, generally, out of the stock market. Part that it is up to each one of the partners of a company.


Online platform for investors from a private company investing in securities and receive a percentage.


Ability to increase the level of production and take your business to another level. Expanding potentially on the market today. The Start Tv Company, gives every manager support, click here.

Flipped classroom

Gained market share in 2007. Active teaching method in classroom. A way to invert the logic in the Organization of the class. We can cite the podcasting, videos, virtual reality glasses-3D and others. A way to have the student engagement.

Food from

A term known as food-from, on the rise in some countries - similar to the fast food method, served over a short period of time. However, food is free of substances such as pesticides, transgenics and chemicals.

Put them into practice and succeed.

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We quote the corporate acronyms, check out.

Until the next post.

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