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Importance of the chalice of wine daily - startblog

Today, in our sixty-ninth on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Doctors recommend drinking a glass of red wine a day, say that is good for the health. Follow this post and meet the daily benefits.

As reports of the OIV Organization of vine and wine, Portugal, France and Italy are the world's largest consumer of wine 3. With emphasis on higher output, Italy, France and Spain.

The wine is one of the world's oldest beverages, being prepared by the jam, pressing, fermentation, transfer, sorting and maceration. In the 14th century, Vienna became the World Center for the production of wine glasses. For centuries, wine consumption was to relax, fun or keep up with delicious dinners. However, talk of the importance of it in our lives.

As scientific studies conducted in Europe, it is worth remembering, to ingest up to 32 grams of alcohol, wearing a protective effect on health, favoring life. The ideal is to take 125 ml, a cup a day, and it is important that regular and moderate consumption. Red wine alcohol intensifies the beneficial compound grape juice, eliminating free radicals that protect the heart. This compound is called resveratrol, oxidants present in grape Peel.

Substances, beneficial to health, present in the wine are called polyphenols. Red wine recommended by presenting a greater amount of them, than the white. In the preparation of red wine, the grapes are macerated along with the skin, where it contains the greatest benefits as combat fatigue.

Following the recommendation of the doctors, tasting will decrease cardiac risks, regulate the rate of cholesterol, balance blood pressure, prevent the formation of kidney stones and prevent spillages due the antioxidant present in grape Peel.

There is the case of a 95 years which has a flawless health. He had for years to your winery. Due to the family tradition, always enjoyed during meals, a glass of red wine.

The doctors are impressed with this gentleman's health. With this practice he warned the dementia, avoided the rheumatic arthritis, prevented the onset of Alzheimer's disease due to the presence of resveratrol, improvement in cognitive processes, having an incredible memory and reduced the chances of cataracts, being present in people with more than 65 years.

Enjoy a glass of red wine to accompany delicious dishes and cleanse the palate. Due to the astringent the taste of food is highlighted.

These were some tips for health and longevity. Remember the balance contributes to my well being.

See a doctor for further clarification and health care.

Until the next post.

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