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In the words of the author António P. de Carvalho in the article - startblog

We honor on our channel in the program "open trunk" through this subject, the author, António Pires de Carvalho who brought in his suitcase, inspiration, naming our program.

We were intrigued to see in the back cover of an Algarve magazine, his opinion on the article, "The more I know men the better I like dogs" where he brings an analogy between the attitudes of men, until today present in many harsh actions, ungrateful to those who extend their hands. Many do not know the true friendship, even because they never actually found her. The dog is always open and receptive to his friend, he has a pure heart and have compassion.

António Pires de Carvalho, besides his love for animals, working as Veterinarian, he is an author with published books or the Shipwreck,of historic character, such as a Veterinary Manual or even a war novel that the Start Tv Company, bringing the real feeling, has the privilege to share in our channel, through a differentiated content of video and audio. Wait for the teaser.

(Image of disclosure) António at the launch of the Wreck

Read the article published and leave a comment below the post with your opinion and interact with the authors.

(Image of disclosure) António Pires de Carvalho

This was one of many stories in the program Open Trunk, follow the next subjects and stay tuned on cultural programming.

It is worth to follow his other stories, sign up in the canal.

Until next time,


Start Tv Company

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