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Industry 4.0 | Be prepared for this revolution - startblog

Today in hundredth thirty-eighth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Industry 4.0 on startblog

They say the technology will advance so much that I we will distinguish the artificial nature. Will we become superhumans? The beginning was marked by the steam engines in the future. 17th-centuries ahead, cyber-physical robots. Being responsible for a great and inevitable change. Join us and be prepared for the revolution 4.0.

The revolution originated with the discovery of steam engines, bringing interesting things. Then to electricity, with the computer and information technology. Soon after, the fourth industrial revolution (4.0) bring together digital physical and biological systems.

Bring a technological revolution that will change the way we connect, we work and live. Turning back the way the world works, generating economic growth, more skilled jobs and raising of living standards.

Industry 4.0 on startblog

The industrial field brings new powers, all unlike anything you've experienced today, two areas that seem distant to the ordinary citizen as genetic engineering and technology.

Even in remote places the revolution will transform the future of work and geopolitics, impacting all habits and relationships. The so well known Internet of things (IoT) formed by Cyber-physical production system with the digitization of information and direct communication between machines, systems, products and people.

The fourth revolution happens after three historical processes: the first ran from 1760 to 1830, where he started the manual labor and evolved into mechanized. The second around 1850 arrived with the electricity enabling the mass manufacture. The third occurred in the century. XX with the electronics, computers and telecommunications.

Industry 4.0 on startblog

His name came up in the high-tech project, developed from 2013 by the Government of Germany. The industrial internet was started by smart machines, computer analysis in advanced levels and collaborative work between people connected. These actions bring operational efficiency in various sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and health.

The machines will be responsible for decentralized decisions and the proliferation of smart devices interconnected along the production and logistics, relating with humans.

Smart plants and businesses will create robots that will control themselves. On a scale, could add the global economy bringing the future of employment in industries that no human being experienced to date. Men will be needed to move machinery, being of the utmost importance to the evolution of the human being to monitor and evolve with the market.

Industry 4.0 on startblog

In the United States in 2014 was created an Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Group of experts, around 250 members of 30 countries. Intend to put in place pilot projects developed by the participating companies. The technologies for innovative solutions are part of these companies.

In Brazil in August 2016 the company Pollux, Embraco and FIESP/CIESC founded the Brazilian Association of internet (ABII) to support and strengthen the business in the country. In the Brazilian industrial field, are installed in the month about 1,500 of robots. For equipararmos with the Robotics Germany level, you would need to install above 160,000 industrial robots.

Industry 4.0 on startblog

For evolution is important strong leadership and articulators in the industries, Government and research and academic institutions. Being high investments and capacity building priorities of managers, engineers, systems analysts and experts in new technologies. Adding good partnerships and deals with other countries.

The time to expand it now. Assemble the team and analyze the feasibility of each of the technologies to engage in the market.

Take a proactive stance and get to work.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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