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Janice Cumerlatto | Realistic artist you need to know - startblog

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Janice Cumerlatto | Artista realista que você precisa conhecer no startblog

On today's show, we bring the biography of an artist who overcame their own challenges. Knowing in its techniques, traces the brushstroke.

We refer to Janice Cumerlatto, a self-taught artist, the Portal Estimarte.com.br lives in three crowns, Rio Grande do Sul.

Follow the story with the beauty of realism, excellent traits, colors, textures made with love.

Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Excerpt from the experience of the artist Janice Cumerlatto, written for us.

Started your artwork with the landscapes, in the course of the paintings, seen that could go further. As a curious artist, that is, has been researching other artists, works, works, stories, watch videos. Each survey if delighted, an art more beautiful than the other. Linked to the sensations felt in starting the abstract technique. Even not knowing how and where to start. The first abstract work was magical, says Janice. Until spatulated (artistic technique involving spatulas), learned to do.

Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto

From this moment, doing what he loved art, going away. Mirrored in other artists, if they can, I can also get there. Did you get your first born picture, say, wasn't very good, being the first. Actually, your looking at the front, with the focus where desperately craved arrived. Managed and was improving in each work.

Decided to go for the graphite, starting in the universe of the designs, each stroke a feeling and all with realism. Enjoying every challenge to each technique, overcame and innovated in their designs. Tweaking with color, the color pencil watercolor emerged. He says he uses four to five colors in each one, until you reach the color of your liking.

Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto

Follow strong and determined the challenges that appear, with the watercolor that I didn't know and today performs the painting with excellence.

Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto

As Janice, This is my art don't have rules or use techniques the feeling! When I'm working on my music is silence, forget the life and there leaves one more art!

Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
In this excerpt from the biography in his own words.

Janice Cumerlatto was born in Gramado RS, Brazil in childhood Already liked to draw. Your teenage dream was the art, but I had no financial conditions to buy a paint!!! The chance of your dream came when I managed to do a course of various arts, crochet, knitting and stuff. Was the sister Catherine who gave the course, she realized your potential painting, she lent him some paint and a black velvet fabric. Our was performed he started painting. Left your first frame! Failed to make many, because your family was against had to stop and start working out, moved in three crowns where he lives to this day, married had two children finally had your family! Stopped working to be a housewife. Your dream always further, but it was happy. It was almost three years ago with the support of their children, daughters-in-law and husband who started to perform your dream left behind! I'm self-taught, do painting in landscapes, abstract. But what I love most so in painting as in dese...

Gallery with some works of the artist Janice Cumerllato
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto
Image of disclosure: Artist Janice Cumerlatto

About the portal www.estimarte.com.br research Estimarte following and also supports the dissemination of artists and their works in the portal.

Below a full gallery with his works.

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