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João Carlos Martins | From pianist to Maestro, know your trajectory - startblog

Today, in our first ninetieth here at Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Photo/image/disclosure) the conductor João Carlos Martins

The world your story has already been told between matter, biographies translated into international documentary and film with autobiography, today we bring you the story of overcoming a great pianist who became the most sought-after conductor in the world. Join us and meet the music with the orquestra Bachiana Filarmônica.

Classical music arose in the mid-9th century and great composers mark the history with the creation of original works from the 21ST century.

João Carlos Martins was born in 1940, Brazil in São Paulo a boy from small dreamed of being a pianist, your father was fascinated by piano and due to an accident at work, encouraged the children to follow the dream. The 5-year-old was taken to the operating table for removal of a benign tumor and due to unsuccessful operation every time while eating the food leaked.

João Carlos Martins | From pianist to conductor, know his trajectory on startblog

Realizing the baby with your father, bought a piano and began piano lessons together. His father was a professor and in addition to the piano, taught him to overcome their fears and win. To 8 years your first surgery brought confidence and making it a consecrated in classical music.

John Carlos, to 8 years participated in a competition and won performing works by Bach. Since the beginning of your story learned with great professionals, was dedicated to practice for hours each day had lessons with the Russian teacher, José Kliass and wins the competition of the society of St. Petersburg Brito.

Always in the eyes of the whole world and musical criticism in your decade, was already one of the most acclaimed in the world, participating in various festivals and winning awards like the Casals, debuted at Carnegie Hall sponsored by Eleanor Roosenvelt and played in one of the largest orchestras in North American, being the best performer of Bach of your generation. Inaugurating the Glenn Gould Memorial in Toronto.

João Carlos Martins | From pianist to conductor, know his trajectory on startblog

In the 1965 season, the conductor lived in New York and was invited to interact with the Portuguese team, a game that took place in Central Park. An honor for him to play in your team of heart and twisted. A few seconds found himself unable to perform what he loved. In a bid, a silly fall, took a tumble and punctured the right arm at the elbow, reaching the ulnar nerve. Atrophy 3 fingers, physiotherapy and surgery process stayed away during 1 year of your dream. He returned to play with some difficulty by 10 years after.

He returned to play on stage and let the music take force to achieve its goals and objectives. This time it was away again, because developed musculoskeletal disorders at work, starting new business paths.

Even with various adversity along the way, between 1979 to 1985 adapted ways to continue the play, performed 10 recordings of the Bach work even with pain and sequels. He overcame every day won committing the right upper limb.

João Carlos Martins | From pianist to conductor, know his trajectory on startblog

In 1995 over an incident in the life of the maestro and once again gets up and follows. After a robbery in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria was hit in the head with an iron, triggering neurological sequel. Starting a new phase with brain reprogramming to resume the movements of his right hand and back to play with his hands. The right hand even after surgery is compromised, recording in 2001 the album for left hand, tribute to Paul Wittgenstein who lost the right member during World War II. A project with the composition of 8 albums, however, discovered a tumor in your left hand.

Over the years with the improvement of the upper limb, stayed with sequels on the left side, with a disease, Dupuytren's Contracture, making him play the piano, even with surgery this time was a final diagnosis.

João Carlos Martins | From pianist to conductor, know his trajectory on startblog

Says "I was aimlessly, in 2003, already knowing that it could no longer touch or with the left hand. Dreamed then that was playing the piano, with Eleazar de Carvalho, who told me: — come here, I'll teach you to govern.

In this fight of persistence, the various appointments, to 36 years takes the consciousness that was the end of the pianist João Carlos and the birth of the conductor. Decided enlists in the conducting class and already starts if new way performing in London and Paris.

João Carlos Martins | From pianist to conductor, know his trajectory on startblog

With projects between communities and disadvantaged youth, forms the Bachian Orchestra Philharmonique, remembering every day your father's teachings, "Chase your dream that one day will come back to you".

Gives a play in the trailer.
(Image/video/disclosure) John, the Maestro-film (official trailer)

Being recognized by all who appreciate a beautiful classical music and being an example an inspiration to us all.

And that's how this great maestro emerged. A fight between challenges and competitions, always focused on your goal, noted their instruments to develop and refine their best skills. Never stopped reinventing itself every obstacle that came in your way.

Look at the positive side of situations that appear, believe always and keep going. Set goals, strategies, has focus and the most important be flexible during the achievements of each goal. Life does not have a roadmap to be followed and Yes be ready the improvisations of life.

Until next Friday, CEO

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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