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June 12 | Valentine's day-startblog

On the eve of this date, there are those who make a reflection about new relationships, others prefer to be alone, enjoying life and even those who believe that true love is yet to come. Follow our post today with tips to have a great Valentine's day.

Programming tips for boyfriends on startblog
Programming tips for boyfriends on startblog

Have you ever thought about preparing an unforgettable moment without having to worry about being in the preparation or go after the entire organization, such as the ingredients, place, decor, menu? You could win this time by leveraging next to your baby, what do you think of the idea, do you?

Note the tip, dinner for 2, a entrepreneur, Carina keys with your taste for organizing special meetings, started a company that prepares everything for you with the greatest care and efficiency, all details for unforgettable moments. Visit the site and choose the time, day, place of your way. Call, order and enjoy.

2 tips dinner on startblog
2 tips dinner on startblog

The Start Tv Company wishes you a great Valentine's day to all you lovers, we point out some places to help in São Paulo. As, restaurants, bistro, bar to take advantage of this special day. Cozy, intimate, indirect lights, live music and the environment, with a romantic mood, has for all tastes, all offer special programming for the day June 12. Choose to go with the moment and have fun.


A charming restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and inviting. To celebrate Valentine's day with climate in the South of France. Follows a French diversified menu with great options to accompany the wine.


R. Vupabussu, 199, Pinheiros.

Phone: 11 3097 9257


Romantic and cozy restaurant to delight several flavors of fondue as cheese, chocolate and others. Check out the special programming for the night.


Avenue. Cotovia, 445 - Moema.

Phone: 11 5561-5411

To access the menu Here

NOTE: check out the special discounts here at urban fish and get your coupon.

Era uma vez um chalezinho:

A great place to enjoy a fondue to the side with a great company. Restaurant with an intimate atmosphere with the piano sound for the night even more special. To access the menu here


Rua Itapimirum, 11 - Morumbi

Phone: 11 3501-9322

Madeleine Jazz Bar:

Some live music awards, a rustic decor with your charm of brick, intimate light, accompanied with great jazz and very green. A varied menu with pasta and salads, check the schedule on Valentine's night.

Play on the video(Jazz in the Madeleine)


Rua Aspicuelta, 201 – Vila Madalena

Phone: 11 2936-0616

The View:

A restaurant bar with a refined atmosphere located at the top of the building with a great view. With contemporary setting to have a wonderful evening.


Alameda Santos, 981 - Jardim Paulista

Phone: 11 3266-3692

These are some of our tips for having special moments, innovate, do something different from the unexpected.

Dare and take a chance on new ideas.

Has the weekend to prepare, find your way and the day June 12, have a great Valentine's day.

To the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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