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June Red | Make a difference, being a blood donor - startblog

Today, in our twenty-eighth post here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

We enter the month of June, feel good? How about, be supportive and donate some blood for those in need. The Start Tv Company supports this action, follow our post about the June red.

Last month 18 day of may in the pró-sangue, the collection results were 60% below the desired stock, each month, a collection occurs approximately 12,000 units of blood delivered to calls to public institutions.

It seems a high value, just, amounts to only 32% of blood consumed in Sao Paulo. Detailed data, the AB +, AB-are stable, the A-, B + are on alert, the +,-and +, are in critical condition. You know the importance of donating blood? How to bring this awareness? Having this positive act?

Doing good so what? important thing is to check all the requirements, if you can be a donor, will help many lives. Be supportive and help the growth of banks. If everyone does your part, everyone will benefit.

Make equal to Paloma Duarte #donateblood
Photo pró-sangue to the divulgation of the blood donation campaign

If animated? See if you can and how to donate:

- The 69-year-old has 16 (under 18 years have to be accompanied by responsible)

- Present ID card or photo ID

- Weigh at least 50 kg

- Be rested and fed

To reach the site, the steps:

Delivery of the document and fill in the registration form.

In triage, clinical analysis will be conducted to know the status of the donor and the recipient, as the blood type.

The collection lasts around 15 minutes, with caring nurses, disposables and sterilized.

Remember at the end of the collection, have a snack at the site, if you moisturize before you leave.

Okay, you've just saved a lot of lives:)
Disclosure image: Ministry of health and the University of California study(EUA)
Let's collaborate, taking an action. For more information visit the website of Pro blood here.

The city of São Paulo supports the campaign "June Red" several monuments, buildings and sites such as the Latin America memorial, Cancer Institute, viaduto do chá, bridge of flags, Mario de Andrade municipal library, Ibirapuera Park, among others are illuminated in red to arouse and encourage new donors and old.

Save a life today,

We're counting on you and take a like, share with friends.

Until the next post,

Start Tv Company

CEO| Starttles

#Junho #vermelho #doe #sangue #vida #campanha

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