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Kentucky Fried Chicken - Successful businessman - startblog

Today, in our seventh post here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company Company, from the inside out.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog
Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog

Today is the best day to write your story, from now on, focus, determination, guts, be persistent don't pay attention to what the others are talking, follow with your planning and goals.

Do different, come with us, purchase your e-book and have your step-by-step business with practically zero cost, very detailed datasheets, planning, tables of actual calculations, bringing the notion of how to accomplish your move today.

We will inspire all who find themselves in a situation, where I don't see a way out. For those thinking incapable of change, accomplish, fulfill their dreams, and where changes need to get out of a comfort zone. And to show that no matter what your story that happened of course, always we will take in the memories, but the focus is on your action of today, to write your success story, this mood? Or would you rather be hiding behind various excuses that grow every day, is not able, how are you going to do, is limited to age, having no money and various obstacles that we put ourselves.

So, that's it for today.

You've probably heard of Harland David Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders 1890/1980, founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Started your way to success to 65 years old, in the middle of your retirement. Today, we're going to tell you a little of this history of willpower and persistence he had and who knows may be an inspiration to you.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog
Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog

Since the 6-year-old Sanders lost your father, cuisine, he dropped out of school, lost jobs, got married and his wife died, was a blacksmith, salesman, Assistant farmer left with it began working at a coffee shop in your town.

At the age of 65 years made a reflection on the way here, he saw that there was nothing done this disappointed and dissatisfied with life, decided to commit suicide. At the time of your farewell letter, decided to Start early and make a difference.

Like, does via the possibility of change, he felt at that age, I could do differently? Yes, and that's what he did, he borrowed nearly $90 and started making fried chicken, with your recipe, to sell from door to door, making success wherever he went.

With its 60 years cooking with your restaurant in the State of Kentucky to the side of the road, which was at a gas station, having an audience of travelers, that over there. With the daily challenge of developing a unique flavor, pleasing all tastes. Since then created the secret recipe in your mid-1930 until today where is ready with 11 herbs and spices, all breaded and fried at the time.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog
Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog

Decided to spend the point in mid-1979, for Manager Brown Junior, as it ran the risk of building a highway, losing your travelers.

Gaining an amount per month; I was not satisfied. Made a new decision, took your car and followed the road trying to take your idea to several restaurants, receiving many, there were more than 1,000 followed and thinks that's why he gave up any of this, continued and when there was a good deal, earned your dollar penny per chicken sold, thus creating a kind of franchising, acquiring the United States and Canada about 600 points.

With its 88 years, marked the your story kicking off the first restaurant with your brand, the Kentucky Fried Chicken, where was changed after some time for KFC. Known on the international market and becoming a millionaire.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog
Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog

The Brown junior joined the visionary businessman KFC in the stock market, increasing your brand and expanding its values and continuing to win awards for the title of King of the relief.

Sanders died in 1980, with 90 years of age due to pneumonia at Jewish hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, being buried with your white suit and assisted by several people. Being marked forever with your courage to follow and face your fears. Challenging and if autodescobrindo in your choices. The franchises being honored with statues and your trademark, inspiring many entrepreneurs in the agro-business and others.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog
Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story on Startblog

Until 1980, with the death of Sanders, the calculations were on average 6,000 KFC outlets in 48 countries and today with more than 14,000 restaurants in 115 countries, becoming a global icon with your persistence and history.

And you, waiting for what to change? Visit already Start Tv Company and check out.

Do this story, an inspiration for your, make an invitation, leaving the link at the bottom of this post to make your choice with one of our e-books.

The link of our e-books, here enjoy to meet our digital handouts.

And if you know any other good stories inspiring, post here in the comments and we will share with everyone.

Until the next post.

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