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Lego | Story Building - startblog

Today, in our seventy-sixth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

The Start Tv Company has the privilege on Friday CEO, bring the LEGO story became so present in our childhood, representing ever dream, build and today. The LEGO piece is the most important product, they said. A family relationship with consumers, approaching them and adapting the toy the new realities, continuing until today, a worldwide phenomenon in our history.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

All with the concept based on parts that fit allowing various combinations. Each piece a new history of actual construction, imagination children gather to play LEGO, among laughter and fittings, construct and deconstruct. A toy that brings teaching, stimulating creativity and concentration. For the small, colorful pieces with sounds and movements, stimulate psychomotor development. Other ages use themes home, railways, space, police, family, bringing a reality. Others explore the playful universe as legoland, Pirate ships, Cavalry, magic, medieval castles and others.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post
Widely used in universities in robotics Labs.

In 1930, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish Carpenter creates wood duck for your kid play in 1932 founded the LEGO Group. Popularizing world in 1934, a small Carpenter's workshop becomes a modern enterprise. Its origin LEGO is a fusion of two words. Means "leg godf" "play well". Is designed for kids of all ages, there are several series.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

Currently is one of the largest toy manufacturers. A family business going through all generations, from father to son and currently for his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Present in more than 130 countries over 10000 employees.

In 1978 were released the first minifigures (minifigures) are the dolls always happy accompanied the Space, Castle and Town. At the beginning they were straight, they had no arms and legs which are modular. It is said that the minifigs were yellow to be neutral in representing the races. Until 1979 the men wore hats and had no hair.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

After the years were custom, men and women, both wearing pants, hair, arms, happy faces, sullen, bad and good, all designed. LEGO has released special collections as the set NBA Basketball that had feet and hands to simulate spring buried in the basket. In 2004 won skin colors in all licensed to represent people and film actors as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman, Street Fighter among others.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

In 2007 the most minifigures success was the Start Wars, Start Wars Edition to commemorate the 30th anniversary created 10000 minifigures chrome along with 2 versions in 14 Karat Gold. The rarest is the Boba Fett LEGO Start Wars set the Cloud City collectible. In addition to the 5,000 persons drawn who received the aletoriamente Mr. Gold gilded, celebrating the 10 minifigures series released.

In 1968 is born the first Legoland theme park, was built in the same city as the toy, Billundi, Denmark a grandiose construction being used more than 55 million of parts in the structure.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

In 2003 reaches the second Legoland Windsor, United Kingdom, representing the city of Windsor with several attractions such as the Big Well, the statue of liberty, mills, London Eye, Tower of Pisa among others, worth knowing. The third was built in 1999, Carlsbad, California. After the years came the Legoland Günzburg, Germany and Legoland Florida, USA.

Currently there are more than 2,400 different lego bricks, 400 million children have played with the products. Are manufactured each year, 310 million of tyres for tractors and LEGO cars. Every hour 2,160,000 components are produced per year. The series Start Wars brought a landmark in LEGO history.

Lego | Story Building - Startblog post

The toy building bricks, as well known, is present everywhere, released in 1947 were based on the Kiddcraft block. The bricks were patented by inventor Hilary Fisher Page, and inspired by the "Kiddicraft self-locking Building Brick Self". After 11 years there has been an improvement with pipes and fittings in toys LEGO, occurring a great growth and with possibility to create 915 million of combinations.

Art disclosure Nathan Sawaya - Lego post on Startblog

Nathan Sawaya's in 2001, lawyer who left your Office to devote himself as the main artist of LEGO, making grandiose constructions. "The Art of the Brick" exposed in the Museum in the United States.

To celebrate 80 years, in 2012 the brand made an animation telling the history of LEGO, check out.

Gives a play in the history of LEGO.
(Video/disclosure) youtube channel: The LEGO ® Story

Browse the site and learn a little about the constructions with LEGO, to creative decorations are up in the marked. Nowadays there's no limit to the creativity of the LEGO Group. A little thing that makes a difference in each creation.

Let your imagination take over and buy your LEGO toy.

These were some curiosities, Subscribe to the channel.

Until the next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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