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Literary tip - Essentialism, Greg McKeown - startblog

"The Essentialist doesn't do things in less time, he does only the right things."

With this idea,Greg McKeown,defends the philosophy he calls essentialism the same name as his bestseller. More productivity, less stress, more joy.

The ability to focus only on the essentials is the secret to success in a hyperconnected world and increasingly crammed with information, opinions and tasks.

Essentialism is more than a time management strategy or a productivity technique. This is a method to identify what is vital and eliminate everything else, so that we can make the greatest possible contribution to what really matters. When we try to do everything and have everything, we make concessions that keep us away from our goal.

Literary tip - Essentialism, Greg McKeown - startblog

In this book, Greg McKeown shows that to balance work and personal life, it is not enough to refuse requests randomly: you need to eliminate what is not essential and get rid of waste of time. We must learn to reduce, simplify and stay focused on our goals.

So the question is, do you want to become an essentialist to be happier? have less stress and higher productivity? Let's read Greg McKeown's Essentialism, it's today's literary tip!

What did you think of this tip? Leave your comment below, enjoy and sign up for the channel.

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