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Marketplace | Definition and important points - startblog

Today, at hundred and seventy-fourth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The consumer is attracted by shopping malls, because in it, in a single frame, various products of different shops, brands and segments. Bringing convenience and gain in time. Following this line of reasoning the marketplace goes into action in Brazil in 2012, growing gradually gained immeasurable strength in recent years. Join us and see a little more on this subject, which will change the course of your business.

Marketplace is similar to physical shopping, the difference that is virtual. The user will find the products or services in one place, in addition to the payment to be made in a single transaction. Imagine you are looking for online "crafts in concrete" research in various sites, the well-known, good recommendations, the nominees or the principal that have quality and good price. You can find on Elo7, specializing in crafts, adapted to this type of business.

The format for the consumer marketplace is a perfect setting, since it saves the search simplifies the search for the best product and price. Amazon, North American company gave the start of the world marketplace. In Brazil, the free Market, an example of success. Already posted on Friday CEO the history of these two companies check out Amazon's success here and the Mercado Livre here or visit the playlist and check out the successful cases.

Sal gelys die handelsmerke wat deel is van die portaal, gee jou die beste opsie van jou keuse. Tans, daar is baie maatskappye wat hierdie formaat van besigheid regoor die wêreld, as gevolg van die diversiteit van produkte, behendigheid te koop en verspreiding ingesluit, soos volg: Submarino, Walmart, Amerikaanse en Shoptime B2W – model in aanlyn transaksies. Ander; E-bay, OLX, goeie besigheid en soortgelyke werk in die model – kliënt tot kliënt C2C, aanlyn transaksie met fisiese verkope.

Big names in e-commerce opened the doors to the marketplace and has raised sharply the contribution of small businesses, the variety of products and services. In this case, they sell their products on the site of the major brands, the hint, a kind of "virtual store" saving the shopkeeper to keep products in stock.

This business model is usually listed by categories, electronics, education, etc. In the case of extra.com.br gathers in your platform different brands, each one in your segment, listed in categories such as automotive, home and construction, footwear, fashion and more. Over 150,000 products. The giant responsible for the extra and Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia is the CNova, one of the responsible for the popularisation in Brazil.

Another advantage to the consumer is the visibility, since once the platform in this format the user find easily your store. The value of the product, storage and logistics are the responsibility of the company that sold the products.

The platform will make the shopkeeper's intermediation with the consumer. After confirmation of the transaction will be passed on the percentage of the value of sales to the retailer. It is important to define what payment Commission, and may reach 30% or a percentage of the profit.

This business model raises your recipe with the Commission of sales and rentals on the platform, how to rent a store at the Mall. With the variety of products offered there is the incentive to buy, consumer confidence increases, growing the number of loyalty, but also the average ticket. In addition to expand your presence in the market.

The whole structure is made by the operator of the marketplace, customer service, marketing campaigns, transactions, relieving for the shopkeeper the work and investment. Valuing the rent which he applies on the platform, transforming into new customers.

Each tag has your differential, it is important to create differentiated campaigns for each of them. Increasing sales and creating a trust for the customer looking for e-commerce.

We cite the potential to create a marketplace platform for your business, being advantageous to everyone involved, consumer, retailer and intermediate platform.

Even for experienced managers in technology, manage an e-commerce is no easy task. For retailers Excel in this business model, you will need a lot of work, and disseminate knowledge in various sales channels for a good performance.

We brought the most important points and definition of the marketplace.

Join us in the next post related to this issue that we will address how to start in this kind of business or how to add e-commerce to your marketplace.

Do the Business plan and invest in increasing their sales. This is without doubt, a great proposal for today.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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