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May 2020 start with good energy - startblog

We at Start Tv Company want to wish you all a year full of energy. May 2020, start full of joys, goals and a lot of good energy.

Post Que 2020 inicie com alegria no startblog
May 2020 start with good energy - startblog

Let's do it differently.

We are solely responsible.

Let's put all the action into action.

Overcome any barriers that appear to us.

And firm evolve.

If we make mistakes we will fix it.

Making us better everyday.

The control is you who have it.

Let's hit Start.

Start with focus, determination.

Let's be flexible, let's learn and undertake.

Let's be the protagonist and

not the audience of our lives.

Happy holidays full of health, peace, joy and much success.


Start Tv Company

colocarempratica #celebracaodavida

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