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McDonald's | History behind the best hamburger and most famous - startblog

Today, in our sixtieth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(image/photo/disclosure) McDonald's logo

The beginning of this story is told by two brothers who lived in the city of Arcadia, California. Join us in this dream of Richard and Maurice McDonald and learn how the milkshake machines revolutionized the brand.

Living in a provincial town in Southern California, in 1937, the dream of having a small Diner, where prepared hamburgers wrapped in paper and sold the 15 centos, the system was distinguished from that existed in larger cities, there was no waiter and the customer was your request, directly on the counter, after 1minuto was already with your snack and soft drink in hand.

After 3 years, the MC Donalds brother decide to put into practice, the design that they had done to the slogan of the shop, the M. In this way, all who pass by the road would stop to eat or take on the trip. Who was in the store, I couldn't see the M was 7.5 meters above.

(image/photo/disclosure) brunch.co.kr: Ray Kroc with milk shake machine

There was a family relationship among all the brothers, like this direct contact with the client. The brothers lived doing your market research, asked what they thought of the taste and wrapping. Making the necessary improvements, and making a family diner.

With the vision of improvements in attendance, the brother had an idea to train its employees, adding a relation between the group, as football practice. His kitchen team had to earn every time assembling the snacks. Gathered on the field to draw the structure and give the coordinates, all had to get spike seconds in time.

(imagem/foto/divulgação)Ed Wagner, Chicago Tribune: museu McDonald's em 2003

With established physics and perfect every move calculations for a success. Taco Bell, inspired in the McDonald's system to open your network.

Let's do an addendum and talk a little bit about the Ray Kroc, named the founder of MC Donalds. He sold milk shake machines, to get in touch with the brothers ordered 6 units. Soon, Ray wasn't sure who was doing a great deal, was personally deliver.

Upon arriving, identified the potential in this little diner inside, very low costs in your snacks and several prospects. Wow wanted to be a part, in 1955, became the commercial representative of the brand, selling the licenses.

(image/photo/disclosure) Ihowtogetyourexback: Richard And Maurice Mcdonald Mcdonald

Each entrepreneur had a profile and each with your goal. Ray Croc dissatisfied in your life, with losses and betting in the wrong business, saw the great potential of this opportunity. Ambitious, in 1961, focused on the expansion of the brand nationwide. Ghana was in bringing new ideas, wanted to turn the McDonald's in the biggest deal in the fast Food sector.

While the McDonald brothers wanted to reach the $1 million before the age of 50 years, had not this ambition for growth. They performed the cafeteria dream, selling snacks at low cost, quick on the counter and delivery. They intended to stay in their relationships with city residents and travelers who passed by there.

For those who want to know the history of the transaction, watch the trailer for the film the hunger for power, directed by John Lee Hancock.

Was going through the years, franchises grew in full swing, the relationship between the brothers and Kroc was hard to deal with. The Kroc wanted to innovate the company with the sachet milkshake, the brothers disagreed and said it was part of the company policy. At this time the Kroc saw the possibility to buy the real estate lots and become owner of each franchise, where each buyer would have to report to him with the rules imposed by MC Donald.

After negotiations the brothers decide to sell the dream come true. In 1971, Maurice McDonald dies of heart attack.

Accepted the proposal of the Kroc for selling $2.7 million and took only 0.5% of profit. The agreement was sealed with a handshake, where both didn't want to declare taxes, Says the legend that the brothers MC Donalds never received by these percentages.

His brother Richard died with a contribution of millions.In 1999 the Team paid tribute to Ray Kroc among the 100 most important people of the century, died in 1989 with an inheritance in billions. Currently there are 40,000 McDonald's franchises in 118 countries.

This was the story of CEO today, where two brothers were limited to a great idea within a dream small. The concept of fast food is the delivery speed and the Kroc. Nothing came of it, however, it was through him that everything happened.

Until the next post,

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