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Mental Detox – startblog

Just as what we eat can intoxicate our body, our thoughts, feelings and emotions as well. These toxins can make us sick and unhappy.

Mental Detox – startblog
Mental Detox – startblog

That's right, a real cleaning in your mind, to get back to having quality oflife.

In practice this means:

Learn to block every pessimistic, sad and worrying idea. The ideal is to replace, at the same moment, with a positive view. Like, for example, your child's fever, think of him cheerful and healthy. It's an exercise, and it gets easier with daily training.

Beware of critical people who end up destroying your self-esteem. Even if they're people you can't help but avoid, learn to block their influencing power.

Fight against the fear of the future, avoid anxiety, there are things that it is impossible to postpone, avoid or advance, so enjoy every moment because the wait can also be interesting.

Mental Detox – startblog
Mental Detox – startblog

Stop complaints, avoid whining and admit your problems without emphasizing them. Remember that you are the author of your story, so it is important to have a plan B and C for each situation and not be taken by surprise.

In comparison, resentment is an acid that erodes us. So don't feed thoughts you could have done differently in the past, go ahead with what you have, no hurts or guilt.

Give one enough in suffering with the ingratitude of others. Do good for the pleasure of generosity and do not keep recognition. Believe me, there's no need for others to idolize you if you actually know your qualities.

Mental Detox – startblog
Mental Detox – startblog

Improve your self-love, when your self-esteem is fine, you will become a magnet for happy relationships.

Practicing these 7 steps constantly, The Clean your Mindset will reflect on how you see life.

Start Tv Company wants you to allow yourself to live better!

Tell us what you thought of this theme, leave your comment below, enjoy and sign up for the channel.

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