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Mercado Livre | Platform between the 10 most accessed in the world-startblog

Today, in our first seventieth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.​

(image/photo/disclosure) Free Market Logo
(image/photo/disclosure) Free Market Logo

​From cycling to entrepreneurship, the young, Renato Antonini, studied the profile and the needs of its customers to bring satisfactory results. Decided to direct your focus to the 100% digital work and engage in e-commerce. Join us and learn how the free market became the largest retailer of Latin America.

The businessman Marcos Galperín, in 1999 he founded the free market, the leader in e-commerce in Latin America, when I was at Stanford and devoted himself to the MBA. E-commerce is located in 16 countries. Work in several areas: market paid submissions and Axado market, shops, free advertising, free classifieds, KPL market market beyond the market.

There is on the website more 2,000 categories of new products, new and used, especially among entertainment, electronics, apparel and collectible products. A practical site to solve any solution and need to buy and sell, from simple to luxurious products like pens, stickers, Louis Vuitton bag.

Quote in another post about the American company ebay click here she bought a part of the free market and two years after, began to market paid, secure method for online payments, with competition to PayPal, Amazon, e-bay and OLX.

 (Image/photo/disclosure) Free Market website
Mercado Livre | Platform between the 10 most accessed in the world-startblog

Since the inception of the company were hired several professionals to engage the platform. The entrepreneur Renato Antonini worked as a delivery man on Bike Courier company, travelled many kilometres a day from bike to bring excellence to the customer. This experience brought a refined look to the consumer and accentuating your logistics. In 2004, began to buy the products of the own vendors and resold by the same value of purchase on the platform. As the same was deliveries, made this value.

In the second half of 2005 received the help of an investor, buying 20% of the business, formalizing the your company. With the amount invested in the purchase of products to have a stock and be active on the platform. The free market is the most popular sales site of Brazil.

In the words of CEO "we are a technology company with a mission to offer the best e-commerce platform and the necessary services so that people can buy, buy, sell, send and advertise on the internet."

The creation of the market of members with affiliations was a great strategy to generate traffic to the site, such as used today and day to bring extra income to others.

In 2007 opened to the Nasdaq stock market, enabling investors interested in the technology market to obtain shares in the company.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Free Market website
(Image/photo/disclosure) Free Market website

As the data platform is among the 10 most accessed in the world and the busiest e-commerce of Brazil. It is located in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. In Latin America there are more than 150 million registered users. The numbers are important to realize the importance of the free market for e-commerce in Latin America. There are more than 2,000 searches per second on the site, while 5.5 sales achieved at this time.

Each semester in a row there is a high turnover of 74% in 2017 in the first quarter was $ recipe your committed up to $274 million.

Your most engaged business area is the marketplace, responsible for increasing revenues. Growing up 68.4% in dollars and 86% in other currencies. Other units grow 82% in dollars.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Free Market website
(Image/photo/disclosure) Free Market website

Don't stay out of the news market, access website the greatest hits are made from mobile devices, was one of the major factors of growth of new users on the platform. The transactional volume of mobile access was discharged from 98.7% in constant currency. Investing in brands and major retailers, using strategies like shops advertisers the platform last year helped. Even if the smart ad campaigns that have marked history. Worked the creative concept "what you're looking for, find the MercadoLivre.com" i.e. anyone can access to find your products.

He excelled in the auction method, only 97% of their users sell the product at a fixed price, 80% of the products are new and the most popular are the electronics.

Visit here the Startup 99jobs and check out the images of the free market Brazil

This was a brief history of the free market, go to the platform and buy or advertise now.

Until the next Friday CEO,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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