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Mirror & reflexes - startblog

Today, in our fortieth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

For 200 years, the experiment of the chemist, Justus Von Liebig, applied silver on a glass plate, giving rise to the modern style of mirror. An item that is part of the daily lives of thousands of people. Check out our post and see how to use this gadget into something positive for our lives.

In the 19th century there was an improvement in the composition of the mirror, not being necessary the use of highly toxic mercury. Used silver mirror glass chemistry, words by chemical engineer of the USP, Helio Goldenstein. More popular with the new format, low cost, it became simple and secure.

Espelho & reflexos no startblog
Espelho & reflexos no startblog

We know that the reflection began when the man noticed your reflected image in the water. Adding your image to factor your identity, gaining the true importance of this moment.

From ancient times to the arrival of modernity, there is a rise in the digital universe relative to the image. Is she real or virtual captured or created, the search for an image is constant for all. If you are in a wonderful place and you want to record the moment, makes the capture this picture with your cell phone. Being able to share with the world through the digital media in just seconds.

Mirror, in Latin, Speculum is a surface that reflects light Ray in a defined direction. With this definition, we take for our learning. Reflect our opinion, lack, fear, qualities, trials, among many others.

Given, we inspire frequently in people in media, Tv, family, and other influencers. We reflect on the other what is strong in us, is in recognition or change. In situations, there is a comfort or inconvenience. These two sides are at all times, the important thing is to recognize growth.

Inspired us in brilliant people to our success. As we look without a trial, we are sure that we will be the mirror to the other. Even to ourselves, believing in our potential. Ask him, who I am? What are my qualities? Where can I improve?

These are some of the questions only you can answer. Change actions that annoy, grow up with their best potential.

Until the next post.

CEO – Starttles

Start Tv Company

#mirrorreflexes #curiositiesofhistory

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