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Mom - startblog

More than a simple dictionary definition A reflection

We have special mothers

We refer to our mother Anita

She not only generated gave birth Love for kids and kids at heart

She donated She educates us

She gives us the most precious

Many in this life pass

Unfortunately I never got The love deeper and true

Our mother is

Mom and dad, mom and dad

Is a woman who not only gave us life

But it made us live

Is always beside us with love and dedication So you mother Anita our mother and Leone

We express all our gratitude All our love

Getting to your side forever

Not out of obligation but out of love

Today we try to be your mom

Making you our mirror

We faced that it's what you do

With the grandparents of 96 years

Do the same love care and tenderness Being mother of your mother and father

Mother by mother Mother a love cycle deliveries Mother most pure part of love, as a whole We realize that being a mother

Is the most generous

What if the word love

I wish the world was filled with Mother Anita, so I split Mother Anita of mother love

Hosts and teaches

That fight and exceeds all Always with beautiful smile Who lives and makes us survive With optimism

Twinkle in his eye, your greatest feature Mammys love you

Thank you Anita for being our mother

Dedicated to all mothers and children A beautiful mother's day

And who has no mother

Feel embraced

Why is mother Anita

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