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National Tourism Day - startblog

Today, in our sixty-seventh on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

World Tourism Day on startblog

National tourism day is the day 2 of March, today, 27 September, celebrating the world tourism day, established by the WTO (World Tourism Organization). Join us and understand the great movement in financial resources and global tourism reflexes in our day to day.

The practice of tourism is part of the culture of the world, for decades, where families sent their children to the cultural knowledge of other countries. Collaborate with biologists, geologists and agronomists and architects moving to other regions for study and improvement in geographical, historical, regional characteristics and social.

This standards, all activities not linked to work and that no subsidized monetarily or exerted any economic activity.

Part of the tertiary sector of economy and society, favoring a small region to a Country. The tourist sector in Brazil stands out among the first, provided for a growth above the world average.

World Tourism Day on startblog

According to the WTO tourism corresponds to trips within a period less than a year. Held for fun and laser. Emphasizing sectors of interest; sustainable cultural, sports and others.

The cities develop if you have something to offer, a tourist attraction, will benefit all residents and encouraging all sectors of the economy. Giving one up in restaurants, hostels, hotels, trade. The tourist guide will consider the cultural history of the region, your getting all the historical sites of the city and all the infrastructure and services will be prepared to receive them.

World Tourism Day on startblog

However the Ministry of tourism, Brazil in 2016, received a contribution of US $6.2 billion. Argentina and United States were countries of greater presence in the Olympics and Paralympics.

Not even the economic crisis the country has shaken this sector growing favorably, posting the high score in the history of the country. Shows a reliable sector for investors, even in unstable times.

World Tourism Day on startblog

China is this the global leaders of shipments, the Chinese are the most foreigners traveling to other countries. Brazil invests sector, however, the coming of them to Brazil is down to 0.1%.

The Brazil keeps an eye on other potential sectors such as cruises, registered by the Ministry the great potential in leveraging tourism. Says Minister Marx had a sum of R$1,911 billion in the seasons between 2015/2016 is expected for this year's 25.8 million passengers on cruises. One of the main sectors of employment generation in the world recognized by the UN is sustainable tourism, highlighting the differences and reducing the environmental impact, socio-cultural and favoring the communities involved.

World Tourism Day on startblog

The hotels and companies make special packages to wrap all kinds of economic influences. Because of possible estimate in the 5.5% increase in the value of airline tickets and daily.

The expert tips for everyone to enjoy are, perform the planning with 6 months before the trip, book accommodation, tickets, food and transportation, with all the separate investment.

Enjoy in this world tourism day, appreciate the cultures, if you organize and Bon voyage.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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