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Today, in our seventy second here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Netflix History on Startblog
Netflix History on Startblog

Some people remember the Blockbuster, various halls with thousands of options, organized by genre. Practice in the choice of movies and series and with flexible hours. With the arrival of Netflix, Cable Tv cancellations occur starting a marathon without pausing. Join us and discover the full history of Netflix.

Founded by entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, August 1997. Reed Hastings formed in artificial intelligence from Stanford and was a professor of mathematics and Marc Randolph, philanthropic educational area again, advertising and sales.

Launched the Netflix began a revolutionary way to rent DVDs, delivered via mail. First site online rental service of DVD movies. Becoming market leaders.

Netflix History on Startblog
Netflix History on Startblog

In 1998 launched the first site of sales and rentals of DVDs rented online movies were Netflix.com and sent via postal mail to the residence. The delivery man passed to remove the DVD in your door and let the next, the values varied by leased titles. This year the Jeff Bezos of Amazon has proposed to purchase for $12 million.

The following year, he became famous with the subscription service, paid a fixed amount monthly and offered an unlimited lease. When you get to return the DVDs in the mail, released the next request.

Netflix in 2000 innovates with a referral system in choosing titles by subscribers, they recommend and listen, assess, approve and put on the air this year Blockbuster makes a proposed purchase by $50 million, direct competitor at the time. The purchase does not occur, after 10 years the Blockbuster close the doors in the United States, enacting bankruptcy.

Netflix History on Startblog
Netflix History on Startblog

Show the records of 600,000 subscribers in the U.S. in 2002, a catalogue with 11,500 films. An important year for the company's history, beginning in the stock market on Nasdaq in New York. The value $82.5 million. Marc Randolph out of Netflix, following in the direction of investments and formation of young entrepreneurs. A new phase begins for Reed Hastings, after 3 years grows 4.2 million in signatures.

The online streaming service started in 2007 allows the Subscriber to watch 17 hours of films paying $16.99 and the records of history, this year had a contest for subscribers. The team that developed the best recommendation algorithm content to subscribers.

From 2008 to 2010 had new partnerships with electronics manufacturer to stream content to your Xbox 360 Blu-ray devices and converters online Tv content on PS3, Apple, Touch users Tvs Nintendo Wii and other devices. Due to the scare in the system and get a few days without sending DVDs to subscribers, store in the cloud by selecting the Amazon web serve. Start the services in Canada.

Next year come to Brazil, winning the public and invest in advertisements. This year decide to separate the service of delivery by mail and online, changing the names and dividing the signatures. Had injury with subscriber cancellation, returning to the original name Netflix adhering the domain DVD.com

Netflix History on Startblog
Netflix History on Startblog

In the year 2013 was the landmark as the first Emmy-nominated Tv network with the premiere of the television series "House of Card" launched other serials "Orange is the new black and The square, had 31 nominations in the category of best drama, comedy and documentary. In 2014 more than 6 European countries, other Emmy nominations and 50 million subscribers around the world. Continued expansion across Europe the following year, released the first original movie from Netflix, "Beasts of no Nation". Revenues recorded in Brazil in R$ 1.1 billion, surpassing Tv stations.

Last year expanded to the world, except North Korea, China, the Crimea and Syria, due to u.s. Government restrictions. Revenue of $8.83 billion and profit around $380 million. Initiated a 50% planning composite catalog of original productions. Reached the shore of 75 million subscribers at the end of the year were 81.5 million worldwide. This year finished the full migration of data to the Amazon Cloud. Release content to be watched later, iphone and Tablet PCs.

(image/video/disclosure) Netflix Is A Joke | Emmys 2017 | Netflix

Netflix is currently responsible for providing online entertainment to the world with 105 million subscribers with 125 hours of movies and series a day had marco streaming platform and advantages that subscribers can access programming any time you want without commitment, will be available in the profile of the platform.

Seek news for new programming, as their slogan "With Netflix you have control" to access the website and be a Subscriber. This was a summary during the years after the market launch.

Here, we leave a bonus entrepreneur, some titles that cannot fail to see how, Chef's Table, Girlboss, House of Cards, Atari: Game Over, A year in Champagne, Mad Men, Burt's, Buzz, Suits, Tony Robbins, Happy, Print The Legend, Steve Jobs, Pump, Iris and many other, check out.

Until the next Friday CEO.

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