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NLP | Neuro-linguistic programming, learn how it works - startblog

Today, in our fifty-first post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

NLP | Neolinguistic Programming, learn how it works on startblog
NLP | Neolinguistic Programming, learn how it works on startblog

See the importance of NLP in your life and learn how to model for personal and organizational success, stay with us in this post.

In the early 70, John Grinder and Richard Bandler in California (USA) bring the knowledge of NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, after examining some behavioral, mental acts of smart people. John says "the best neuro-linguistic programming is an educational process on how to better use our brains".

After studies and observation of different people, have come to the conclusion that the brain has the ability to remodel any other to reach human excellence in any field of interest.In other words,PNL help on this resignation of new habits.

Studies by neuroscientists say that we can use a great part of our brain capacity.

Let's go to the meanings of the acronym PNL.

P = Programming, sequencing good deeds for satisfactory results.
N = Neurology, brain programming through language.
L = language, reading the language and how to proceed.

Our brain timing advance processor can be reprogrammed, do new structures to obtain great results. Used by many professionals in coaching, training, personnel management, therapists, sales, education in relationships for a variety of purposes.

Through this technique people seek changes in several areas, making a new record, with sudden habits, bringing up the change you want to perform, often in unconscious and need the help of a professional. He directs the necessary changes and where to start the remodel.

Listen to music with headphones and increase your focus.
(vídeo/divulgação) youtube: musica para aumentar concentração, foco...

Start by breaking bad habits, beliefs, bringing the unconscious to the conscious, active, making the person to see which locations you need a new memory. Often time is a process that will be determined for each case and responsible guardian.

First to be open to this change is an important factor, but not essential, often not everyone sees the necessary change to your life at that moment. Are living in an illusion seen by an outsider, a fully correct for who is inside.

NLP | Neolinguistic Programming, learn how it works on startblog
NLP | Neolinguistic Programming, learn how it works on startblog

The day to day is important to bring a new reality, through everyday situations, studies, analysis, solutions to problems, and many other exercises. With that, will activate parts of the brain with new memories.

Has as target the PNL on several cases, difficulties in public speaking, panic, increase intelligence, concentration, public speaking, fears, Eidetic memory, among others.

Exercises with audio on videos to help in these matters, transmit high binaural beats in various frequencies: 10Hz, 18hz memory, reading, 40Hz process information, 40Hz with relaxation 18Hz with mind focused. Each frequency will have a function to and activate the brain, we recommend listening with headphones, each ear will hear a frequency, the brain tunes to a new frequency, creating the third sound.

Various materials available to learn more of this technique. We indicate the search for a professional in the area.

Watch the video below and turn your intelligence
(video/publicity/youtube) Super Intelligence NLP, BIOKINESIS ...

We clarify a bit of PNL and how to activate the sensory input, use the anchors as allies, they are potent both positive and negative.

You can create your anchor positive and be positive. Creating a neurolinguistic programming, energy and emotional state right, you just have to push the start.

Once a person learns and internalizes this structuring, search daily generate behavioral changes required to reach and excellence. To become a successful person.

Start being a positive person, program success and be happy.

Until the next time,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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