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Nota Fiscal Paulista - startblog

Today, in our seventy-fifth here in the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Nota Fiscal Paulista - Lego post on Startblog
Nota Fiscal Paulista - Lego post on Startblog

The majority of people do not give importance and prefer to spend time to say yes to the question posed in the box to give the SFC at the time of the purchases. Join us and learn about the benefits in joining the Sao Paulo Government program, earn a small amount to several awards.

10 years ago, existing returns registered consumers 30% goods and services tax (ICMS) charged to retailers, encouraging citizens to help the State Government in combating tax evasion. We know that in the end, due to tax substitution values are nothing more than spare change, but it's worth to contribute with the role of citizen.

The consumer will have accumulated credits in your benefit by up to five years. For releases them you will need to register to do so, the first step is to visit the site www.nfp.fazenda.sp.gov.br and fill in the registration.

Choose between individual or fill in personal data, sign up for a password to see all the benefits. You can only show the value of the benefits after the first purchase transferred to your account. Following this step, whenever making a purchase, ask to put your CPF on nota fiscal. To withdraw money that will be accumulated in your portal sign in a savings account or current.

The establishments that have a higher income ensuring good credits are the restaurants and clothing stores. If you have a vehicle, you can opt for the payment of the IPVA.

On the other hand spent as, pharmacy, gas station, liquor, food, cars, hygiene among others spend a lot and has a small return.

To redeem the credit the minimal value is R$25.00 each semester.

The advantage in this plan are the monthly prize draws every R$100 is issued a coupon to compete. The awards range from R$10 to R$200,000,00 Remember do not need to pay any amount to participate.

Visit the site and find out all the benefits. These were some tips to benefit a bit from various taxes that are paid by us, lose nothing and Yes will win.

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Until next time,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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