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NY | Times Square Glass Ball, Happy New Year - startblog

Today, in our hundredth-fifth here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog
NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog

The traditional end of the year in Times Square in New York is marked by falling ball "ball" which descends 43 metres in 60 seconds through a tube designed. Marked by the turn of the year, in the last seconds before the 00:00 on day 31 December. Down marks the beginning of next year. Join us to pass this historic moment of the turn, where thousands of people will be present in the cold to accompany every second of the descent of the ball.

Stories, feelings, celebration, friendship, love are several reasons many are present on this site. The great love, families, friends, reunions if this avenue he did, he might write screenplays for several stories. One of the internationally best-known celebrations, everyone wants to feel the sensation of being in one of the best-known avenues in the world, between the silence of breath and hearts that hit the thousand, waiting for the ball drop, representing the beginning of a new start, a new year that starts and achievements and positive events.

NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog
NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog

Records in the history indicate the descent of the ball installed for the first time, was in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich in 1833. The fall of the ball means the passage of time i.e. "time ball". Masters fitted with precision chronometers to navigate. Due to the success, hundreds of balls have been installed around the world, however, few remained. The US Naval Observatory in Washington, United States at noon people can watch the ball drop.

Adolph Ochs was the owner of The New York Times hosted the event for the first time at the top of the building with the descent of the ball and Fireworks to celebrate the opening of the unit of your paper at the top of the building. To see that 200,000 people were present and left their commitments to move, studied a way to reprise next year with the aim of promoting the region. He was transferred to the Time Square in the year 1913, the paper moved to another unit and is responsible for the tower building where marked the first fallen.

The ball was designed by Artkraft Strauss on new year's Eve 1907. New year's Eve, marked by this new record, the ball that drops in Times Square. Strauss was responsible for organizing the event each year.

The ball at the beginning was composed of one hundred incandescent bulbs and there was a wood and iron 1.5 in diameter and weighed 320 kg. The ball had a internal circuit to light after 5 meters and gave a start in Fireworks.

Since then the celebration every year, the event takes place and all observe the fall of the ball that is displayed at the top of one of the buildings remain intact throughout the year. The commemoration does not occur in the year of 1942 and 1943 World War II periods. In 1972 the first program to broadcast live the descent of the ball was the NBCem.

NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog
NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog

Each year a new project for the descent of the ball, in 1981 to 1989 it was named after the campaign "I love New York" filled with red lamps that descended on a green stem, forming the design of Apple. In leap years increase the countdown of the year for 61 seconds.

In 1996 marked by synchronized electric crane with the national weather Institute, their lamps were of halogen, strobe lights and 12,000 rhinestones. Like I said Barry Arnold "... the changes were" something that had to be done to make this event more spectacular in the next Millennium ".

In 2000 it was announced new sponsors for the new year's Eve in Times Square like Discover Card, Korbel Champagne and Panasonic. The fourth ball with 504 triangles were installed lighting and mirrors system monitored each, bringing messages of hope. In 2002, a tribute in crystals, names of countries and organizations affected in September 11. In 2005 and 2006 the musical song that marks the descent of the ball is "Imagine" John Lennon.

NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog
NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog

Over the years, in 2009, city full of novelties the ball, accompanies the evolution in the lighting level, currently, the entire command is computerized and made in the control room, the body of the ball is coated with crystals in the shape of triangles and reflected by LED lamps. This year the event is broadcast live via Livestream.

The ball becomes in GEODESIC sphere lit by 32,256 LED bulbs. From this year the ball happens to be displayed throughout the year at the top of the building. It becomes a historic moment and the Time Square starts the festivity from 6:00 pm are distributed hats and other items for the amusement of the new year. Take all safety precautions, the Avenue is closed to traffic, the guards are and block the entry of alcohol and backpacks, to enter the site and follow the musical attractions until the passage.

NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog
NY| Times Square Glass Ball on startblog

For many, a landmark recording a special moment in your life to countdown to happiness. Thousands of people are counting the days on the calendar, waiting for this moment to make the change you want in your life, other than spending new year's Eve in New York is the dream of many.

A city that offers fun for the young and the passionate, making a boat ride in central Park. The value to have the experience in restaurants and bars in the Times Square is US$250 to US$500 a tip is the New Year's Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party, tickets run out quickly. Those who can not be present in the day, televise in their Tvs following the countdown of the moment, being transmitted in several countries.

Last year the traditional ball in the Time Square were hitting his final details, next day on December 27 for the celebrated new year's Eve. The last 288 triangles being adjusted to your ball of 143 metres. Astronauts say that Times Square is so enlightened that you can see the lights of the room.

I wonder how the ball will be this year? What are the expectations of change for the new year that starts.This was a special post on climate changes, leave comments below.

Until next Friday CEO,

CEO| Starttles

Start TV Company

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