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Oracle | SQL and database history - startblog

Today, in the ninety-ninth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image / Photo / Advertising) Oracle

The American Dream and its innovations at the so-famous, industrial technological hub in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Creative entrepreneurs sharpen ideas in successful startups that make a difference to many people's lives.

Follow us and see how visionary entrepreneur Larry Ellison anticipated action to commercialize a technology that previously did not exist among competitors. A system that runs on providers' machines with access to the internet, networks and computers of thousands of companies. Indispensable to facilitate customer process and generate profit.

Oracle, known as the DBMS - database management system, marked its history in early Silicon Valley in the 1970-1980, located in Santa Clara, California. Initially it was known as SDL - Software Development Labs.

After 1977, it was called by Relational Software Inc. In 1982 it started its current name - Oracle Corporation.

Friday CEO - Oracle

Bob miner its founder, Ed Oaster and Bruce Scott were the software engineers. Lawrence Joseph Ellison known as Larry Ellison worked for SDL's consulting firm. Bob Miner and Larry were working on a project by the US intelligence company CIA at the time, named "Oracle." They developed responsive software for everything.

After much work and consulting, Bob and Scott decided to leave consulting and be a company to offer a product / service. Larry interested and following IBM's innovations, created the SQL language - called by - SEQUEL / 2 - introduced to Bob and Scott and began to develop.

In 1982 Scott left Oracle. Pl / SQL was created an extension of the official SQL language.

The following year the release of version 3 of the database with writing and language C. In 84 - version 4 - Oracle ported to Personal Computer (PC). In 1985 they innovated with the first parallel server database in VMS / VAX.

Logo Oracle - Friday CEO

In 1986 a big step was the first client / server database, in addition to ORACLE taking a fundamental step in the year for the company's growth.

In the same year, they launched their shares on the NASDAQ. The following year, they had sales revenues of $ 100 million. Its expansion in 89 marked its entry into the S&P 500 and the company's new location in Redwood shores, California.

After 15 years of history, he celebrated the launch of Oracle 7 in style. The Co-founder was known for his passion for sports such as rock climbing, Yachting, golf with frequent participation in tennis tournaments.

Larry Ellison innovated in the online marketplace, applied new selling strategies, to the world's largest database company ever created. In 1994 Bob died of cancer.

Logo Java Oracle - Friday CEO

In 1997 the database via Web - Oracle Application Server. Oracle BI tools, such as Discoverer, are introduced for data warehousing, with JAVA support.

Technology giants innovate in presenting their products worldwide, making them accessible to everyone. How Adobe - Oracle Integrates the Best Business Apps into E-Business Suite 11i Development to Make It Easier for Users. Using their own databases, there is a $ 1 billion reduction in spending.

In 2007, it celebrated its 30th anniversary in the market - brought in an investment of US $ 18 billion - 275,000 users and 65,000 employees in 145 countries.

In 2010 there were some changes and former HP CEO Mark Hurd was hired by the company. This year, its market value was $ 158.140 billion. In 2011 Oracle 11g Express Edition supports up to 11 gigs of user data.

Its abrupt growth brings several innovations such as running Java, Database to cloud connection, wins at America's Cup boat championship in 2013.

Cited among the giants of the digital age, founding CEO Larry Ellison resigned in 2014 to serve as chief technology officer. It is estimated a fortune of 48 billion dollars.

In 2014 new CEOs of Oracle Safra Catz and Mark Hurd. In 2016 Oracle earns a cash reserve of $ 68.4 billion.

Oracle Cloud Logo Friday CEO

Note a long-term relationship between Oracle and Accenture regarding cloud technology work. A new phase of partnership in 2017 with a possible consultancy, even early on the trend is that there will be a milestone in the history of a decade.

The Oracle Startups Cloud Accelerator program has arrived in Brazil. Expanding the database to companies that do not yet use the services by the company. São Paulo is the only one in Latin America to have access.

Oracle Logo Cloud - Friday CEO

Oracle introduces facilities for select startups such as In Loco Media – IntelipostNetshow.me - Nexus Edge - NMIND & Meu Negócio Inteligênte e Runrun.it includes credits for use in Oracle Clound solutions, international support, top of the line technology, collaborative spaces - coworking, access to Oracle team customers, partners and investors. However, startups will be able to pitch their business to angel investors from Oracle, partners and customers.

Image Disclosure - Oracle Website - Startblog Post - Sixth CEO

A booming 2017 year and one of the most profitable in the IT segment - Oracle invests in the educational market - EAD.

Currently the brand is considered among the most respected and imposing in the technological area. Its market value reached US$205.28 billion. With each upgrade a success and openings to new markets.


An innovative idea with a product that doesn't have to be visible to the naked eye to work quickly and efficiently. Building profits and generating revenue in full swing. Get inspired by this and other entrepreneurial stories at Start CEO, check out.

Until the next friday CEO.

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