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Orchard at home with fruit trees - startblog

Today, in the hundredth and fiftieth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Orchard at home with fruit trees on startblog

"My orange tree" - some people remember this verse cited. People with your own planting like to reap fresh fruits in your orchard. In North America and European countries the cultivation of fruit trees in pots is joined by many as a hobby, as a sense of harvest fruit throughout the year. Join us and see the tips to have a garden at home.

Orchard at home with fruit trees on startblog

The fruit trees are a great way to year-round have their favorite fruits and prepare fruit salads, floodgates, cakes, pies and other delights. If you have a backyard into your House, fantastic, a great alternative to balance your residence. Another option are the urban spaces in your surroundings or create an orchard and grow them in pots.

First, choose your preference, seedlings are certified and consider adaptation of tree to the climate of your region. You can purchase your seedlings in retail suppliers, trade, better yet, get free seedlings in places or environmental municipal services.

Orchard at home with fruit trees on startblog

After selecting learn the history of each. There are positive actions of planting fruit trees as in addition to harvest your fruits attract birds, retains soil moisture and provide shade, acts as a humectant to wind energy, in addition to providing a pleasant, flowery and fragrant.

A common act in many homes around the world. The precondition your choice is the provision of space, most of the vessels offer 80 centimeters in diameter and height, check out other options in the trades of plants.

Orchard at home with fruit trees on startblog

Remember to opt for other materials, the vessel has to be waterproofed, preventing the spread of mold and mildew that can harm the development of plants. A suggestion of fruit that has a better adaptation in the toilet, we can cite the avocado, cherry, persimmon, lemon, Plum, Nectarine, pomegranate, peach, acerola, jaboticaba, papaya, guava, among others.

As these trees don't keep in touch with nature, it is important to have a healthy contact, adding values and conditions conducive to the healthy development of the fruit. Therefore, the soil must contain an equal layer of Earth, worm humus and sand and in your bottom, place stones or clay expanded to aid in water drainage.

Orchard at home with fruit trees on startblog

To have a great planting, stay tuned to some care as to avoid change, respect the minimum distance patients between different species of two meters, the return of the vase every two years to maintain healthy growth and your water daily in the first thirty days after planting to adapt, after, between two to three times a day.

Now that has given our tips, check out if it is a tropical climate, subtropical or temperate and hands the Earth. Subscribe to the channel and stay within our schedule.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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