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Patch Adams | The smile as a treatment - startblog

Today, in our fifty-sixth post here about the Startblog, the series, the company started the Tv company, from the inside out.

(image/disclosure) Patch Adams: http://www.patchadams.org

For many a smile can change a life. Doctors of joy they bring love and joy to many lives. Follow our post and learn how to value it.

Solidarity grows every day, people are divided into their day-to-day commitments to be in solidarity with those who need a look with love.

In the United States in more of 1971, the doctor Hunter "Patch" Adams Doberty, had a new look to terminal patients, bringing a different methodology in sick. After many losses of loved ones, via the medical Union as a whole, for him there was no separation between the health of an individual, the health of the family, the community and the world. Believe in the connection between the environment and well-being.

Patch, with your intelligence and humor leads to many places of critical situations of war, famine, epidemic, your philosophy of life, love, and solidarity with those who are without hope. After going through a depressive phase, Patch helped to not feel sad about her own life story, being subsides over time. The relationship with people, care, physical contact with patients, look in his eyes, the smile is the best treatment. Meet www.doutoresdaalegria.com

In 1972 he founded the Gesundheit Institute, a message of love for neighbour, if all they do to your part of the world will be better. Drawing inspiration from the 1998 movie, "love is contagious" tells your life story, played by Robin Williams.

(image/disclosure) Robin Williams in the film love is contagious

The man who dresses as a clown to do day to day of children happy, terminals performing orders and bringing another look at the moment. As mentioned, many times, you can't change the ending, only you can do the last few days, the best I've experienced.

Patch Adams has influenced several people in the art of clown, clowns that bring love, joy, changing look with children, gratitude, a small moment, filling the heart.

(image/disclosure) image Museum: Patch Adams with the patient

In 1991, Wellington Nogueira, founded the doutores da Alegria, a civil society organization, nonprofit. Uniting people differentiated using the art of clown to interact with children and others in situations of social risk and vulnerability, and hospital.

Thousands of children visit every year, each one with your specialty, growing the luggage. They decided to expand the project to the artistic segment, doctors on the scene. Bring knowledge in production, training and artistic creation, in each show, using a language of clowns, debate current issues of events in hospitals.

Meet http://www.patchadams.org

Acknowledge the work of each is important, be grateful to life is beautiful valuing a small gesture, bringing to your routine, a smile will make a difference in the lives of many, start today.

To the next post,

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