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Peixe Urbano | Brazil's largest local offering platform - startblog

Today, in our thirty-ninth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Photo: image / publicity) CEO Alex Tabor
Photo: image / publicity) CEO Alex Tabor

On this Friday, we bring a little CEO in the history of urban fish and your entrance in style in the digital world. Follow our post and check out the fun facts about Peixe Urbano.

In 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Emerson Andrade (Microsoft), Julius Vakharia (facebook) and Alex Tabor (young entrepreneur to his 20-year-old was already in the world of Startups, making up to 15 million users in three years) founded the urban fish. Young entrepreneurs have studied at Stanford University, getting to know each other at this time. To begin this great project of a collective purchasing site, I came with a lot of success stories in the entrepreneurial area, travel the world, Silicon Valley. A Union that brought this new concept, the first to be released on Latin America, favoring businesses and Startups.

At the time, the user accessed a computer or notebook the urban fish. Researching the available promotions, women stayed for a specified period and needed a minimum number of users to activate the promotion. After practice every day, did a upgrade to improve the offerings, not longer need the minimum of user for activation, offering many new features to all of daily promotions.

Becoming the largest online platform for Brazil's regional offerings. The first was in the air day March 31, selling 60 coupons available by establishment. Starting as a tool for the web, followed with the improvements, due to new trends in communication, with the arrival of the applications, facilitated to users. They access the app, make the choice of promotion and acquire the coupon. Being able to move up to the restaurant, sit down at the table, access your coupon in time to pay the Bill. Bringing a breadth and user mobility.

Before were only available in coupons, restaurants, today expanded to various services, such as online courses, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, SPA, traffic school, English courses. Having other options for e-commerce, can buy discounted games, Playstation and more.

(Photo: image / publicity) urban fish brand
(Photo: image / publicity) urban fish brand

By this incessant search for promotions, the Brazilian's upset at losing the consumer power with it, to get in a physical store, if faced with the promotion, by the Brazilian research tend to spend more than planned. As physical stores win with promotions, the urban fish WINS with the discount coupons, data shows that Brazilians tend to spend more on online shopping, find that pay less.

Consumers purchase over the internet to have a savings on their purchases.

The urban fish makes the capture of their consumers, bringing a convenience for the buyer, who will go to your destination, paying less and consume other services this tangible value. Buying coupons and get out more consecutive times.

A new habit for the Brazilian to adapt to the market without improvement is forecast not to let out and Yes, save. Bring a return, value your money and get a comfort for your time.

The importance is to bring real discounts, coupons make a good call, good seats, reliable services. Thus, when the client is performing your searches, see that there is the discount relative to others on the market. The discount business is growing, there is a need, the expansion of a Grand entertainment branch. In other countries there is already this culture of discount coupons, arrive in magazines, delivered in newspapers at home, supermarkets and other places.

The urban fish sells a service to the user, earning a Commission on top. This business model saves by not having to supply a physical store and generates a high number of employability.

The digital business, in 2016, grew 11% and in 2107 tends to grow an average of 12%, says Alex Tabor. There is potential for this growth in Brazil. And in Brazil and European countries, this market is in continuous growth every year.

(Photo: image / publicity) urban fish brand
(Photo: image / publicity) urban fish brand

The urban fish meets the 1 trillion per year in the system offline. In e-commerce are 60 billion per year. They invest in Startup profile, focus on the customer, growth in user base in regions with low access in navigability. Innovate with services and news to reach a higher level of users to meet the shoal.

There's a new trend in search of companies engage in digital, e-commerce platform for growth opportunities. In 2012, reached 16 billion users, those in charge of urban fish, went to California, United States, receive the "Oscar of the Startups" Crunchies award, best International Startup.

Your business is not part of a digital platform. Access here the Startup video and learn a great way to make money with this business model. The Brazil is growing in the United States us Startup neutralized.

In 2016, the restaurants had a growth in the economy, R$147 million users in this category. Rio de Janeiro is in the ranking between the 25% of coupons sold in this category.

To finish this post today, let's remember that urban fish released on your TV debut, with this action gave a boom. The marketing department had a balcony to publicize the new concept of collective sales site.

In a bold action, installed a "cash machine" money-making machine, i.e. the people placed a $5 Note, removed $10, a $ R $50, $100. Was installed in the shopping Pátio Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. during two days.

As soon as the lines were extensive of curious and people wanting to take advantage of the buy money machine. The concept that when buying the coupons you are saving and folding your money.

The company responsible for creating was AlmapBBDO. The urban fish in a few minutes the machine installed, became known by the action, starting to be twittadas. Having a great home and market knowledge for their users.

Check out the video with the uproar that caused this machine in the middle of the Mall.
(video:channel/disclosure)AlmapBBDO: Money Vending Machine Case Peixe Urbano

See you next Friday CEO.

CEO – Starttles

Start Tv Company

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