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Pie Trip | Route of pies in California – startblog

Today, in our hundred eighteenth eighth here in Startblog, the series,Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Indispensable in many celebrations around the world, the apple pie in the United States can not miss on Thanksgiving. If you are in the region of California be sure to follow the route of pies. Join us and learn some tips and trivia.

Emerged thousands of years in history around the world, each country brings in your tradition and unique flavor. Present in celebrations of birthdays, meetings, themed parties and weddings.

The Apple pies started in England before the Pilgrims bring the first seeds to North America. After a while, a symbol because of the Johnny Appleseed of Massachusetts was a legendary figure for many years followed barefoot sowing Apple seeds with soil, being born beautiful Apple trees. Becoming a pioneer and folk hero of the United States. Because the influences the Apple Pie becomes tradition in the country.

Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog
Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog

In this way the Apple Apple Pie is a favorite in the gastronomy of the Americans, because they are the largest producers of fruit. The mass of the traditional apple pie is made with a soft dough leads butter, flour, egg, sugar stuffed with apples and cinnamon.

Let's just say that it's always nice to remember and know the history, records show that the pie was a symbol of celebration of life. The cuisine differs in traditions around the world, bringing trivia and secrets with your recipe.In ancient Greece that she came up with your round shape symbolizing the moon.

Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog
Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog

In Brazil the pie takes a batter cooked to the fire with sweet fillings or salted. In Portugal it's called "the pie" pie "is a square cake, in Brazil we know as pie.

Dutch pie most people say that was created in the Netherlands, because your source was in Brazil in the city of Campinas. A recipe created in 1991, the businesswoman Silvia Leite, owner of the Dutch bakery & Cla. Called for the Embassy to gather information about the candy, there called Appeltaart. Born to good times spent in Europe and the name of the pie "Dutch" in honor of family responsive of England. Traditional for the cookies chocolate covered cornflour.

Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog
Pie Trip | California Pie Route on Startblog

For those who are in the region of California during this period, be sure to check the route of pies. Quote 2 places that are part of the circuit to be delighted.

Apple Annie’s

(Image/photo/disclosure)Apple Annie's
(Image/photo/disclosure)Apple Annie's

Located in Southern California less than 1:00 of Los Angeles or Palm Spring. A place surrounded by oak trees, with 14 acres of pure family fun. With fresh air to enjoy all seasons during the year, in the winter fun is making the puppets and sleds, in autumn the fresh flavor of mountain apples and cider, pies with the fresh flavor of the region. Check out the site opening hours and menu here

Shari’s Café & Pies
(Image/photo/disclosure) Shari’s Café & Pies
(Image/photo/disclosure) Shari’s Café & Pies

Shari's restaurant began in 1978 in Oregon. Are average with 95 sharee'ah coffees in 6 States in the Northwest. Considered the largest network in the region. Traditional pies as Granny's Apple Pie, Sweet Cherry, Peach perfection Montana, Oregon marionberry. Gourmet dining options, cookies, Peanut Butter chocolate cream & silk, Banana cream dream. A tastier than the other, it pays to know the taste of each one. See the pies here

 (Image/photo/disclosure) Classic pies
(Image/photo/disclosure) Classic pies


(Image/photo/disclosure) Gourmet pies
(Image/photo/disclosure) Gourmet pies

These are our suggestions to meet the regional and pies story within the route. Enhance the local ingredients and savor new flavors and tastes.

I imagine that's eager to taste a pie, two alternatives, prepare a traditional apple pie or enjoy in your favorite place.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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