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Pinterest | Inspiring images platform - startblog

Today, in our fifty-third post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(image/photo/disclosure) Founders Pinterest Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, evan sharp
(image/photo/disclosure) Founders Pinterest Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, evan sharp

A social network where shares with the world their great inspirations to come with us and learn this great idea came up and spreads to every minute.

Pinterest gave the start in 2009 in California, USA, founded in closed beta for, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp, a world catalog of images where the user selects the images you like and save into folders to access later. In 2010 the platform launched open beta. In 2011 Awards, best startup year, innovates with access by mobile phones, was among the 10 most accessed in internet services and evolving every year.

A platform that through your search online, find recipes, home decor, new trends, reform your furniture, gardening ideas, health tips, healthy foods, candy, exercise routine, travel, technology and etc. Being able to share, share the other and collect or dispose of them in frames (boards), comment and send to friends. Be connected with the world through an online platform, with only one click gives a "Pin it" and the image you liked, is already saved in your folder. Each day a new chance to store your pins.

(image/photo/disclosure) Trends on Pinterest
(image/photo/disclosure) Trends on Pinterest

After 9 months your page had over 10,000 users, connecting to all things that are interesting and create followers who share the same tastes. A total of 11.7 million unique users became the site of history faster to break the mark. Today besides your array has its offices in several countries, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Sao Paulo.

(image/photo/disclosure) Be inspired on Pinterest
(image/photo/disclosure) Be inspired on Pinterest

In 2015 the company was worth $11 billion, raised a sum of $ $367 million to invest in technological improvements and media platform. In the current year of 2017, founders of 175 million users in advertising platform and your market value of $12.3 billion with a funding for investments of US $150 million for improvements and image recognition for growth in e-commerce and retail.

Are focused on expanding in the United States with 60% off him. Many investors and Scouts are tuned on developments of the platform for growth. The estimate for growth is 70% to $ $500 million billed. The interests for the company's shares are up, their investors and the market aimed at Scouts IPO IPO.

(imagem/foto/divulgação) Logo Pinterest
(imagem/foto/divulgação) Logo Pinterest

Visit here create your account already completely free, separate into folders issues that you like and share with everybody, exchange ideas, send a direct connect trends.

Gives professionals, new possibilities, to disclose the entrepreneurs your brand, increase your online sales, generate traffic, boost your business, focused on business solution access here and include your brand worldwide.

Find us on Pinterest here and share with friends.

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Until next Friday CEO

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