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Pixar | Animation Studios, the success of the animation - startblog

Today, in our thirty-fifth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside to forums.

(Image:Disney/share) wallpaper disney-pixar-wallpaper

One of the biggest digital animation Studio, is part of The Walt Disney Company. "Pixar" attached "pixel" with the word "radar", I can understand a little of this success. Follow our post and learn the history of the Studio Pixar today.

Like many of the best creations emerge in California, North American, many Hollywood producers dream to reach this level of quality in the creation. We go together into this story.

(Image:Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's Toy Story 3 Movie

Lucasfilm was founded in 1971 by George Lucas, headquartered in San Francisco, California. Known as the success of Start Wars saga plays with gem sound effects, audio and special effects in animations. In 1975, created a subdivision of lucasfilm Ltd. Graphics Group with the creation of high quality graphics software behind reality in high resolution. Collaborates with Industrial Light Magic & with special effects.

In 1986 Steve Jobs, Apple's recém-admitido acquired The Graphic Group for $5 million, becoming CEO with the President Catmull (your inspiration coming from Disney classics as Peter Pan (1953) and Pinocchio (1940) with the dream of becoming an animator) were given at your side, as his left arm, the support of Steve Jobs.

(Photo:Disney/Disclosure) Pixar Image Computer: main product of newly

Pixar Image Computer (your first product) gave the start to the company Pixar, at first it was known as a hardware company (CPU).

The Walt Disney Pictures was your biggest customer, buying several computers more front to Pixar developed software, CAPS | Computer Animation Production System, a great capacity to produce high-resolution images, in addition to coloring and have 3D effect, did colabs.

Trailer animation: the adventures of André & Wally B (1984)

Short produced by Lasseter and Ed Catmull (colabs, assist in the production of your first short film)

Some people remember the animated short film, Luxo Jr., was due to Josh Lasseter (Director and animator) with short productions that boosted the CAPS.

Trailer of short film: Luxo Jr. (1986)

In 1995, Toy Story was the first animation to be after the Pixar contracts with Walt Disney Word to do 3 long. Until last year are 17 ultra successful movies.

(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's Toy Story Movie Cast

2006 Walt Disney Word acquired Pixar and Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder of the company. In the photo, those in charge of Pixar Animation Studios.

(Photo: Reproduction/Disclosure) Steve Jobs left Catmull on the right Lasseter

Pixar movies are made in collaboration with Walt Disney, Pixar creates, develops and produces and Walt Disney recommends, make the signs. No wonder that all Pixar films released by the Studio are among the top 50 in the box office.

(Image:Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's brave's Princess Merida

Check out some of the successes produced by Pixar Animation Studio and released by Disney.

(video:channel Disney•Pixar/share) Toy Story 3 Mosaic

Beauty and the beast (1991)
(Image:Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's beauty and the beast

The Lion King (1994)
(Image:Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's the lion king
(Image: Disney/playback)John Lasseter and Steve Jobs At Pixar Animation Studios (1995)
Toy Story(1995)

John Lasseter in his first animated feature Toy

Know a little about this universe of creation behind the cameras, from paper to digital, gives a play.

(video: Disney/share) Toy Story 2 Opening Side by Side Part One | Disney•Pixar

A Bug’s Life (1998)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's a bug's life

Monsters, Inc (2001)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's Mostros S.A

Finding Nemo (2003)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's finding nemo

The Incredibles (2004)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's the incredibles

Cars (2006)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's cars
Ratatouille (2007)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's ratatouille

Wall-E (2008)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's Wall-e Animation Movie

Up (2009)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper Pixar's UP Animation Movie


Finding Dory – Finding Dory (2017)
(Image: Disney/share) Wallpaper byte finding dory

There are several characters who exist in all these short and feature films, as in life and we have to deal with situations of all kinds. Pixar has a universe in your hands, bringing in each animation a learning for life as being loyal, true friendship, love, family, identity, persistence, humor, confidence, among others. In addition to the children go beyond imagination, bring reflections through the characters in the adventures.

If you want to recall this vast universe of Pixar Studio, go here and learn about each script and story of each short and feature films.

Until the next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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